Special LOCAL Announcement!

Accessory Lovers,

Cool Cat Fashion Jewelry stores are closing down =/ I know this is sad news for some but now is best time to take advantage of the tremendous sales they are having! They have sales up to 70% off on ALL jewelry!

Find your nearest Cool Cat Fashion Jewelry store before they’re all gone!

The Color of the Year!?!



Is Pantone’s Color of the Year, for the year 2014!

You will soon find this color all over! Everything from clothes to shoes, to purses and accessories, and even home goods!

I love how this color is a perfect blend of pink, fuschia and purple. What do you ladies think?

Members: I will put up pics and links with different ways you can bring out Radiant Orchid into your everyday fashion, whether it be clothes, shoes, phone cases, and even home goods!

Also, I have already rocked this beautiful color on my nails and on my lips. Pictures will be up soon!


Sexy Sporty! Is there really such a thing?

YES! If you haven’t yet, you will be seeing different styles of sweatpants. Some with leather accents and zippers, and most are bunched up just above the ankles. I personally love this trend! I mean, who wouldn’t?! They’re great-priced, sexy, and soo comfortable!

How to wear: They look awesome with the sneaker wedges that also came out seasons ago! I recently, decided to get into healthy lifestyle and these are great for in and even, out of the gym! You can even wear from now to the summer, how versatile!

You can find these at your local clothing stores and boutiques soon enough!


#TBT? Next IT sneaker?!

Adidas, $80
Adidas, $80

Now everyone wants the sneaker because every top fashionista is rocking them but if you’re like me, you may be asking why?? So I did my research and went down memory lane…

These kicks were named after Stan Smith, an American tennis player, who was active between the end of the 1960s to the 1980s and was actually known as the #1 player in the world! The Adidas “Stan Smith” was first issued in 1971! Unlike most Adidas shoes they were not made with the well-known external three stripes.

Not only have these kicks been rocked by many famous designers like Marc Jacobs, known celebrities like Pharrell, but they have also have many mentions in music! As if the shoes weren’t known enough it also got some buzz when Isabel Marant designed a pair that looked too much like the red Stan Smiths just look:



You can literally find these in other retailers like ASOS or UO but if you want to shop at original company click here!