Can’t Go Wrong With The Classic Trench!

NYC weather has been quite “bipolar” (pun intended lol) Just last week we were having winter weather while today we have more like fall weather! Best outerwear choice today for me would be the unmistakable classic trench! Today I had on a long black trench from H&M that is honestly a few years old but like I said before, this is a classic piece that never goes out of style! Just like a LBD! The trench, whether khaki colored or black or just about any other color, is a must-have investment piece you should always have in your closet!

“Brows Are The New Black”



Not only are thicker eyebrows trending right now but most women are saying that thicker eyebrows instantly make them look younger! If you haven’t tried to grow your eyebrows just a tad, I would recommend to try at least once because they actually do change your face and make you look younger! Of course, your thicker eyebrows must be shaped as well, one cannot just walk out with unkept, “wolf” eyebrows (like I like to say lol) 

There are many products out there to enhance your eyebrows if you can’t naturally grow your eyebrows. There are eyebrow powders, eyebrow boosters, and eyebrow gels.

I recommend Dermstore :)

Hello world!

This is my very first post on my very first blog!

Too busy, too many bills, not enough money to always stay on top of fashion? Believe me, I feel you! I already advise some of my good friends, if not in person, through text or email, on anything fashion, beauty, etc. So I thought to myself, “Why not also help others?!”

I am a Latina born and raised in The Bronx, NY, with dreams of making it in Fashion! Who wouldn’t?! But a common misconception I grew up with was, the ones with money were the only ones that can be fashionable! It took me years to realize that even though I may not be rich I can still be quite fashionable!

My wish is to help others, who like me, are not wealthy but would like to dress like if we were ;)!

Please join me in my journey, I will keep you up to date in what is Trending in fashion, from Apparel to Shoes to Nails! I will also bring to you, Beauty and Health tips (for ex. hair and skin) because I believe beauty and health within, go hand and hand! Last but certainly not least, for members, I will provide personal consultation via email, text, phone, Facebook, or directly from this site! This is also a great way to ask me where to find and how much are all the products I post or wear!

Become an Exclusive Member and we can even arrange a shopping date where I will meet with you and shop for a special event or to even update your wardrobe if you wish!

Happy blogging!

Floral Heels!

These floral heels are gorgeous!

These two look so much alike! But one pair is actually about half the price of the other! Can you guess which one?! Which one is your favorite?




Exclusive Members: Contact me for where to find these beauties!

Floral has grown on me…

One beautiful accessory for this summer is the sheer, floral kimono. It is comfortable, it instantly dresses up your outfit, definitely a pretty addition. They also can be found in all sizes! I am not such a big fan on floral design but this look definitely has caught my eye and I will be owning one soon!

Exclusive members: contact me on where to find these pretty pieces for less than $40!

crochet trim kimono      floral kimono navy gojane 

tropical floral kimono missguided      long kimono duster pink


Happy Fourth!

Some people love to show their patriotism on this lovely day by wearing the American flag or other articles of clothing that have the American flag or stars and stripes on it like shirts or shorts. I stopped doing this tradition years ago but every now and then I still want to celebrate so instead, I wanted to just wear something simple but still rock the red, white, and blue :)

Below are a couple of pictures of some of my Fourth of July outfit that I posted on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me 😉 @originalsxyecuama




White V-Neck Tee, Navy Blue Belted Shorts, Navy Blue Wedges by Steve Madden

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you…

I have been away busy starting my summer right! Lol

But I will no longer be away because Fashion Never Sleeps! | Fashion Never Stops!

If you have not gotten the memo yet, Neon will be out this summer again!! Two summers ago I was more into Neon Pink but this summer I’m feeling Neon Yellow more!

Below you’ll see some shoes I bought inspired by my new fave color, Neon Yellow and other things I would love to get!


(Sorry for the blurriness of the picture)

I was invited to an event by my dear friend this night a couple of months ago & wanted to take these bad boys out! I wanted to let these neon yellow heels pop so I kept it simple and went with a LBD :)

Jelly Summer?!

Are you ladies ready for jelly shoes and sandals?!

Last time I remember wearing jelly sandals was when I was a young girl! But apparently these 90’s jelly sandals are making a comeback!

jelly strap black


These are the ones I remember! =o

I’m not exactly sure if I’m quite ready to bring these back ^_^

But some are interesting and come in great styles and colors; what do you ladies think? Will you rock or nah?

jelly clear                              nude jelly


Summer Thong Sandals:                       nude thong jelly


Exclusive members ask me where you can find these sandals for less than $15!


Oopsii Daisyy

You must have noticed daisies springing out of nowhere for this Spring! Even though weather-wise New York City is not exactly Spring ready, Fashion does not come to a halt and I love that about Fashion! Unfortunately, I have to be honest, I have not participated in this trend and do not plan to. I am excited for the Spring season and the actual flowers blooming but not all floral designs work for me. Daisies are beautiful but I wouldn’t wear them on my wardrobe. However, some ladies can rock this trend lovely; I have seen this with my own eyes!

Exclusive Members: If you are caught in a daisy, below are a few lines where you can find tops and bottoms full of daisies! :)