#MM BECCA X Chrissy


If you are into highlighters as am I then you would know that one of the top highlighter brands is BECCA! This brand is famous for most of their products containing shimmer but not that glitter type of shimmer but more like that shine from within type look that everyone loves or what people call that “BECCA Glow.” I have their famous Backlight Priming Filter and I absolutely love the glow effect that it leaves. You can even wear it by itself.

Now BECCA is working with the amazing mom and multitasker, Chrissy Teigen! They are making this Limited Edition Glow Face Palette, yes Limited Edition, that honestly looks like my next summer palette! Their site breaks down what is included in the palette beautifully here:



BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in “Rose Gold” (which is actually Chrissy’s favorite) | New Luminous Blush in “Hibiscus Bloom” (golden pink coral) | New Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in “Beach Nectar” (juicy apricot shade infused with gold) | and their New Sunlit Bronzer in “Malibu Soleil” (medium amber for that “sun-kissed look”




Release date has not been announced yet but you know that once I know, you will know! The price for the palette will be $46.

Would you ladies purchase this palette??

#FF Supreme X MJ


Now if at first thought, you thought of MJ like Michael Jackson than you are right! Looks like there are some teases that Supreme will be doing a collaboration with the great Michael Jackson! I did not know this but Supreme has done something like this before, like with Muhammed Ali.

The collection should include hoodies and tees! So far from what I have seen, looks like they are taking a few pics of MJ and are putting them in the center of their tees and hoodies. As soon as I find out more I will be updating you ladies and gents!

#TBT History of the Leggings!

I’m not sure about you ladies but I like leggings! However, leggings haven’t always been liked in the Fashion world or even in the real world! Nowadays, I feel like they are acceptable just about everywhere and more popular than before especially with the athleisure trend that has been out for some time.

In honor of #TBT, I am going back, way back to the ’60s. According to my research, the leggings first made their debut around 1959-1960. The product that we cannot live without now, the almighty Lycra, was made! The leggings worn around this time were more dressy looking than the ones we wear today. Women wore leggings or “stretch pants” with the creases. They also wore them with stirrups on the end, which you may noticed is out today too! Around this time, if you wanted to be a polished woman you had to wear dresses. Even homemakers were expected to wear dresses all throughout the day even while doing all the house chores! I know this from my dear Abuela and from seeing the ads and commercials from that time.


During the 70s it was all about Disco! You may have seen the pictures, part of the Disco outfit to boogie included leggings. In the one type of texture that was ever so popular at the time, metallic! It was all the rage to have those shiny leggings. But can you believe that they only made them in small sizes so only for slim women who fit them!?! That is ridiculous! Another crazy fact was that for work, women were expected to only wear dresses in the office, pants were not expected until the 80s! For the most part though, it seemed like women chose to only wear it to the club more than anything.


In the 80s, leggings went from a dressy feel to a casual take. Most women wore them under dresses or oversized tops. This type of dressing became more a younger crowd type of thing. If you ever wondered when did athleisure, as we know it, make it big? Well, it wasn’t today but during the 80s! Fitness icons such as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons became very popular with their fitness videos and that in turn influenced women to wear the leggings in fun different ways like with leg warmers and let us not forget those neon colors! Throughout this time, leggings became an important part of what we know today as, the athleisure outfit!


During the 90s, leggings kind of disappeared for a bit but when it came back it was worn more conservatively, always under dresses and skirts. Girls rocking the “grunge” look sported the leggings more. Later, more and more started wearing them. This was the time that the leggings started evolving into jeans, what we know today as jeggings. Everyone including myself loved this style, the way they were very tight with a painted on look. To this day I still wear jeggings whether they are “in” or not lol but as I mentioned before leggings are more for the “athleisure” trend that is around today. I also personally love this look as well. Comfy yet sexy, now what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!

Below I found some pics of celebrities that rocked leggings the way people did around their time:

Art + Fashion = LV x JK

If you love art and you love fashion then you will love this new collab of Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons called “Masters”. Jeff Koons is an artist who

“has brought imagery from his long-standing ‘Gazing Ball’ painting – a series of large-scale hand painted reproductions of works by the Old Masters – to a range of Louis Vuitton products”


This collection features purses,, totes, and even book bags with Classical paintings such as the all-time famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (c 1503-1506) , Wheatfield With Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh (c 1889) , The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens (c 1615-1616), Mars, Venus and Cupid by Titian (c 1546) , and Young Girl Playing With Her Dog by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (c 1770).

How much will one of these bags sent you back? Prices ranges from $585 to $4000.

#MM MACXLauraLee and MACXGabrielZamora

Also going on at MAC, just in time for the Summer, MAC is collaborating with International beauty influencers! You may have seen their makeup videos, Laura Lee from Alabama and Gabriel Zamora, Mexican descent, from LA.


So Laura Lee’s special-edition lipstick “MAC x LarLarLee” is quoted to be a “universally flattering neutral-pink shade and matte finish.”

Gabriel Zamora’s special-edition lipstick “MAC x Gabriel Zamora” is a beautiful warm brown nude in a satin finish and is said to “bound to stun on women and men alike.”


Just look at these beautiful swatches:


Release date will be April 20th! And the price, each for: $17!

#MM More MAC Lip Kits!

MAC must have gotten a great response from their first release of their Lip Duos because they are doing it again! I wrote about MAC’s first “Deep Shades” just a couple of weeks ago.


You will not find this on the MAC website just yet, I myself found out through social media but of course I want to share with you ladies to you up to date. This time MAC will be releasing their nude shades for the “5 Shades for 5 days.” These are their “Deep Nude” series. I am listing them all, lipstick with lip liner, as included in the lip kits or as MAC would call them, Lip Duos. “Antique Velvet” lipstick with “Chestnut” lip pencil, “Persistence” lipstick with “Spice” lip pencil, “Paramount” lipstick with “Mahogany” lip pencil, “Yash Velvet” lipstick with “Stripdown” lip pencil, and “Photo” lipstick with “Cork” lip pencil. I believe that each Lip Duo is the same price before, $29.00 ($34.50 value).


Making it easy to shop for Coachella!


Yes Coachella (short for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival) is near and although I will not be attending I am excited for those that will be! The exact dates? First week is from April 14th-April 16th! + The second weekend is from April 21st-April 23rd! Where? At the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Cali.

You may have already heard some bad news like Queen Bey possibly opting out because of the twins of course! I mean she is an amazing performer but come on performing while holding two growing babies!? But there are also going to be other great artists/performers like Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga!

Hearing the words: music festival may mean different things to different people same goes for dressing for it! You ladies now that I am everything Fashion so I will be talking about different options of how to dress (makeup will be in another article) for the famous Coachella! TBH I cannot fit everything in one or even couple of articles because honestly the possibilities are endless! You can go for a “rocker look” or a “bohemian look” or a “sporty look.” Just like you are going to Coachella to have a great time, you should also have fun with your outfits!

I have gone to plenty of different music festivals myself but more of EDC festivals! [] I made sure to have fun while choosing an outfit because if you have been to any king of music festival before than you know that you can pretty much wear anything! Don’t believe me? Wait until you see for yourself lol

Firstly, I make sure that I am dressing for the weather. Since Coachella is being in California and its going to hit the 90s! (Yes I checked! Up to 92 in the first weekend and 89 the high in the second weekend.) I am sure you are going to want to ultimately stay cool. With these temps I would dress lightly. You can find great little dresses and outfits at Forever 21 (they have a great “Festival Shop“) and H&M. I’m not sure if you remember but I wrote about H&M’s campaign with Coachella? Well H&M still loves Coachella! You can find all their items by clicking here! Fashion Nova also has a great selection in their “Festival” menu. You also have another one of my favorite companies of all time: ASOS who have a “Festival Essentials” section just for you! A recent favorite for me, Boohoo also have a “Festival Accessories & Festival Fashion” section. Even GUESS has “The Festival Shop” with apparel and accessories that can satisfy any look you are going for!

I am sure you have been the mirrored lenses all over the net and on some celebrities. There have even been modern goggles on a few. Accessories such as these along with gypsy jewelry and chokers are all great additions to your Coachella outfit! In each of the links I have provided above you will be able to find these and even more ideas to make your outfit festival ready!

Ever wanted that SnapChat filter to take with you?!?! Urban Outfitters (can’t forget about this one!) actually has it! & for just $18 I don’t see why I can’t get one just to have it lol (click pic)scfilter

Just to throw even more ideas that you will definitely see all over:




Hope everyone has an amazing time and safe travels!



FLA stands for the “Fashion Los Angeles Awards” and you may have seen this hashtag all over for the past couple of days and that is because all “it” celebrities came together and attended this award show that was held at … ,LA this past Sunday. This is actually their Third Annual show and what a show it was. i honestly wish I had learned about this award show before but it seems like it is still young but growing!

Kim K presented the “Creative of the Year” award to Mert Alas. I know there a lot of Kim K fans out there but that dress did NOT do it for me at all and I am entitled to my own opinion as Fashion enthusisast myself, Thank You! I was a bit taken aback when I found out it was from Givenchy Haute Couture (F/W 2011) but even though I love the brand I did not really like this white gown. I loved the basic concept which was white and sheer (which also seemed to be the theme, along with Hadid) but I was not a fan of the embellishments on top. In my opinion, all the embellishments did not compliment her frame. It looked better on the runway model’s shoulder frame and arms than on Kim K. Believe me, it has nothing to do with the fact that Kim K is fuller than the model obivoulsThe bottom half, along with the bodysuit did look good on her though.


Fergie (sorry but not a fan of her choice of Dsquared2 dress and pair of shoes) dress herself presented the “Fashion Rebel” award to Nicki Minaj. Minaj wore a Versace number from the S/S 2017 collection. She did not wear a gown but she wore a short dress or of what looks like a very long vest jacket. She was wearing all Versace everything with the belt and boots also being Versace brand. Another brand I love, classic Versace. However, I do not like how Minaj or her stylist put it together. Honestly, I feel like something that could’ve been put together and worn in a chic way instead was cheapened. The boots are cool and different but don’t go with this ensemble. I don’t think that she accessorized well either, while the low cut plunge would call for a statement necklace, the lapel just does not go well with the kind of necklace she picked.

Jhene Aiko did not win an award but I think she still deserves a mention thanks to that outfit. This is one of the rare occasions when on an actual person looks better than on the runway! She is wearing an ensemble from “Hellessy” (Resort 2017) Athough the fit seems oversized on her nice petite frame it still carries the outfit well.


Other awards that I feel should be mentioned: Paris Jackson accepts the award of “Emerging Talent.” Ashton Kutcher presented the “Best Men’s Stylist” award to Samantha McMillen. Lee Daniels presented the “Fashion Visionary” award to  Stephen Gan. “Best Women’s Stylist” went to Karla Welch. “Model of the Year” award went to Stella Maxwell. “Designer of the Year” award went to Jonathan Saunders of DVF (Diane von Furstenberg)

(Have to give credit where credit is due! Thank you Fashion Bomb Daily for the great pictures)


April Fools Day Sales!!

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Happy Shopping!


Just a little reminder…

We have talked about Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma collection before (if not, don’t worry just click here!) Well I just wanted to remind you that it drops today! Her collection includes almost everything you would see RiRi wear herself. You will see oversized sweatshirts, laced up leggings and those shoes! And with somewhat affordable prices ranging from $80-$150 you Can Not go wrong! Make sure to make your way to her site and Puma’s as well! SIX:02