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#TuesdayShoesday New Ankle Boot Trend

You are about to see these ankle boots everywhere! At first when you see these you may think they are old school but no they are the IT ankle boots right now. That different looking heel is known as the cone heel and if you really look at them they offer you the best of both worlds, giving you a little stiletto while still giving you the support a thick, block heel will give.

I love how Givenchy creatively designed the cone heel here in this leather and suede ankle boot but at this $500 price tag not all of us can own these beauties.


I found a couple you can actually own IRL! Luckily I found one in leather and another in suede, that I personally like and am sure that you would also like. (If you would like another type of style or anything just let me know & I will find them for you 😉 )

Zara $140
Zara Leather Ankle boots with straps & them zippers! $140
Topshop $150
Topshop ‘Mikey Cone Heel Boots’ in beautiful color bordeaux $150


How do you feel about them ladies? Would you try these cone heel ankle booties??

#MM #Androgyny Palette coming soon!


If you were to look up #Androgyny you would most likely see this beautiful shade for the lips but now Jeffree Star is also making an #Androgyny eyeshadow palette & there have been some major teases about the it coming real soon!


So far from Star’s little hints here and there. I can tell there are some bold oranges and brick tones (check pic below) even though this palette is supposed to be a ‘neutral’ one. Star says, “This is my version of a ‘neutral palette’ but with a twist….” so hmm can’t wait to see. What I do know is that it is being released in MARCH (I’ll keep you updated with specific day) so mark those calendars because I think it’s most def worth IT


Another piece of good news! Jeffree Star is also going to be releasing a concealer and even a foundation! From the videos to the reviews, I can say that I trust his word. Even more so, his quality, I have purchased his velour liquid lipstick collections (this year Summer and Holiday ones) and they are great quality. The velour liquid lipsticks are definitely highly pigmented and yet feel lightweight! I have also fell in love with his blinding highlighters! I have yet to to order them because I myself am still learning makeup basics lol but ‘Skin Frost’ is on my to-buy list once I look into highlighters more. So I am curious to see how his concealer and foundation would come out..I will definitely be on top of it myself and of course let you ladies know about them as well 😉

#MM Essie, OPI & Orly Collections!

You ladies may have noticed that it has been a while since I wrote about nails; it used to be my obsession..sorry but that obsession turned into a beauty and makeup obsession.

But regardless, I should never forget nails! For Fall 2016, these three have their very own collections! I chose to put these together in one post because they are all in the same price range, at $8.50 each bottle.

This is “ESSIE’S FALL FOR JAPANESE COLLECTION” – “udon know me”, “go go geisha”, “now and zen”, “playing koi”, “maki me happy”, and “Kimono-Over”


This is “O.P.I. WASHINGTON DC 2016″ – “Pale to the Chief”, “Inside the Isabelletway”, “Squeaker of the House”, “Freedom of Peach”,  “Yank my doodle”, “Never a Dulles Moment”, “OPI by Popular Vote”, “We the Female”, “Madam President”, “Kerry Blossom”, “Suzi – the First Lady of Nails”, “Stay off the lawn!!”, “OPI CIA Color is Awesome”, “‘Liv’ in the Gray”, “Shh…It’s Top Secret!”

I personally love this collection because some were developed and creatively named by Kerry Washington ( ) who I love for her acting and for her style ( )






This is “ORLY’S MULHOLLAND 2016″ –  “Mansion Lane”, “Hillside Hideout”, “Cahuenga Pass”, “Million Dollar Views”, “Meet me at Mulholland”, and “Party in the Hills”

Couple of best beauty brands work “Better Together”!

It is said that a couple of best beauty brands are going to work “Better Together”! You may know her for her famous “Lolita” liquid lipstick or her great full coverage foundation ( I have these both so I speak from personal experience :) ) and you may know this brand for their famous “Better Than Sex” mascara…if you have guessed Kat Von D and Too Faced than you are right! These two are collaborating on a very cute collection! Just look at their palettes below:

Better Together Eye Collection

Yes, that wasn’t a typo, that there is two different palettes but when you buy them together you can keep together with their magnetized side! How awesome is that!?

Kat Von D + Too Faced
Together they will retail at $65

Their collection also includes the Better Together Cheek and Lip Makeup Bag. The cute thing about this bag is that on one side is Too Faced’s co-founder, Jerrod Blandino’s dog named Clover and on the other side is Kat Von D’s cat named, Piaf (emojis)

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder in “Rosy Glow” , Too Faced Love Flush Blush in “So Happy Together” , Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “XO” , and a Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Muse.”

Other than their magnetized palettes idea that I love, I also really like the idea behind their collaboration! When interviewed they both agreed about how makeup brands aren’t really nice to other brands and these two became friends amidst all that. They wanted to show how unlike others they support one another and decided to show it by making a collection together, “Better Together”

This collection is said to launch on December 26th! (yes I know we have to wait :/) Well, you can’t say that you didn’t get enough notice, make sure to put some money aside for this one – I know I will!


#FashionFriday The Shoes I loved from Milan!

I wanted to share my faves from Milan’s Fashion Week AW 2016! I just posted yesterday about my faves in apparel but now I must talk about the shoes! My absolute faves were in my favorite color: cobalt or royal blue! These Ferragamo furry T-Strap shoes are everythang!

I also like these Max Mara gold oxford heels

Max Mara
Max Mara

I wouldn’t normally wear shoes like these but whenever I am feeling bold and rich I would like to try these D&G pumps


I would also see myself trying this out soon not sure if at this designer price but something that looks like these by Alberta Ferretti



#ThrowbackThursday London Fashion Week

Just a little throwback, I wanted to summarize for you the highlights of London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017!!

The city of London is known for many things and is also known for its innovative designers!! Alexander McQueen returned with a bang for his first season in 15 years with a romantic yet couture-like collection!

The designer that took me back a bit is a new one to me, Ashish, it was a bit too colorful and flashy for my taste. I did love how they had a bit of disco fever and had models come out in bright and glittery wigs though :)


When it came to bags, Mulberry kept it very “English-heritage cool” and yet lady-like with their color-blocking and mesh designs!


Who took the cake for me was Burberry who is going “direct-to-customer” this September! With their one-of-a-kind python bags in pathwork of which no two bags will be the same!! Who wouldn’t love custom bags!?!

Blush your outfit up!

If you are currently in NYC right now then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say that the weather is quite bipolar! This week is more on the happy side compared to last weekend where we had a blizzard! Today we are reaching middle 50s which inspires me to want to wear brighter colors. You may have already read my previous post about wearing pink during this season! (Well more like a nice blush pink or Rose Quartz from Pantone’s Spring 2016 Palette)

For colder days, why not wear a beautiful pink faux fur coat!?

Junarose for HeyGorgeous, "Twirl Short Faux Fur Jacket" $90 (Check out this Plus Line Site!)
Junarose for HeyGorgeous, “Twirl Short Faux Fur Jacket” $90 (Check out this Plus Line Site!)
Joe Fresh, $26

If pink isn’t exactly your favorite color of if you want to be a little more subtle just try out some accessories for a little pop  of color!

For warmer days:

This pink suede skirt is a must-have! And at such an affordable price you have to make it yours!

Asos, $65

The culotte is still IN so make sure to rock them this Spring and in this color try these! Even better a suit!!

Asos, $62 + $90
Chinese Laundry, $60

They have some similar to these for just $30 and these laced up heels for $43

Missguided, $43

If pink isn’t exactly your favorite color of if you want to be a little more subtle just try out some accessories for a little pop  of color! By swapping your safe-colored work tote or purse can change even your mood! Try this faux leather tote by a new site I have checked out that is known for their leather vegan products:

Neiman Marcus Pebbled Faux Leather Tote in Blush Gold
Neiman Marcus Pebbled Faux Leather Tote in Blush Gold

Or get your backpack on with this cute backpack from Michael Kors

Michael Kors, $268


+ Don’t forget the little fur charm that is all the rage right now!

Michael Kors, $58

For more sunny days why not brighten up your outfit and even your face by rocking some blush pink sunnies like these Ivanka Trump ones:



I will add more Blush Pink / Rose Quartz items later on for warmer weather so stay tuned!

Carine Roitfeld X Uniqlo’s Second Collection!

This collaboration was not as hype as the Balmain X H&M collection but it definitely comes in second! This gorgeous attire made for the working women on-the-go is expected to drop February 11th!

What I love the most of this brand is the great quality that their collection is made of. They make most of their apparel from wrinkle-resistant fabric at such affordable prices!!!

Below are a few of my favorite pieces of the collection so far!!