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Fashion Everywhere!

If you  know me, you know my two favorite things: Fashion & Travel! Put those two together and I am ecstatic!

This summer I was able to vacation at Puerto Rico for the first time! I was surprised to see how ‘Americanized’ Puerto Rico was but I was happy to see their magazines (the same way I do my research here ;)) Below you will see one of their popular magazines, as InStyle and Glamour are here.

I was impressed to see how I was able to predict some of their fashion picks.

#MCM Theo James

I’m sure a lot of you ladies know the sexy #MCM hashtag but to those that don’t I don’t mind elaborating at all! Lol #ManCrushMondays


My #MCM this week is Theo James, this sexy man from the Divergent series, played as ‘Tabias’ or ‘Four’ (if you have not yet seen this movie series make sure to put it on your to-do list!) and he is only one of their faces, he is also the face of Hugo Boss’ Boss the Scent!

(Below you will see a picture of it just click to see where you can find it for about $70!)

Macy's Exclusive
Macy’s Exclusive!

Exclusive Members, below you will find that I found a site that offers this and other fragrances for about half or more off!!

Meet the New Heel!

Soon, you are going to be seeing a new kind of heel all over! It’s not necessarily a new kind of heel but it is different from what we are used to nowadays, introducing the Mid-Heel!

Even though the mid-heel originated in the 20s, an effect of the suffrage movements and the importance of women’s rights, I like the ability of being comfortable and still keeping up with fashion! :) The summer It-Shoe are these mid-heel pumps that can change your look but not hurt so much like those stilettos!

Local Sale Alert!

Local Store Closings!

‘Portabella’ Store, on White Plains Road, is closing! This is a known men clothing store but not just any clothing, more formal. Go & visit to see what they are basically giving away since they are closing!

‘CONWAY’ store, also on White Plains Road in the Bronx, which has been around for years is now closing! But they also seem to be changing names! Their new name is ‘Fallas’…Go & visit Conway for the sales before they are gone forever!

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie Logo-1

Happy 56th Birthday Barbie!

Happy Birthday to the well-known American fashion model that most of us have grown up with and loved!

56 years ago Barbie made her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959!

Fun Fact: The first Barbie debuted as a blonde and a brunette!

Did You Know!?!; Even though the Barbie was created in the USA by Ruth Handler, she was actually inspired by a German doll named Bild Lilli!?

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you…

I have been away busy starting my summer right! Lol

But I will no longer be away because Fashion Never Sleeps! | Fashion Never Stops!

If you have not gotten the memo yet, Neon will be out this summer again!! Two summers ago I was more into Neon Pink but this summer I’m feeling Neon Yellow more!

Below you’ll see some shoes I bought inspired by my new fave color, Neon Yellow and other things I would love to get!


(Sorry for the blurriness of the picture)

I was invited to an event by my dear friend this night a couple of months ago & wanted to take these bad boys out! I wanted to let these neon yellow heels pop so I kept it simple and went with a LBD :)