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#TBT Guess what sandals are coming back?!

Just in time for #ThrowbackThursdays Steve Madden has announced that they are bringing back a pair of sandals that I am sure we all have had at one point. If you were into platforms back then, you must have had these. But honestly even if you’re not into platforms like that, look at how cute and minimalistic these are?!

Steve Madden calls these the “Slinky” sandals. As of right now they only have them in Black with a 2.25 inch heel height + 1.25 inch platform with a comfortable stretchy material on top. These will go great with the already trending tinted glasses and stretchy dresses that bring back the 90s! The price: $69.95. Even though I am finding out about these right now, they will not be releasing them until July! Howeverr you can preorder them here!


#TBT History of the Leggings!

I’m not sure about you ladies but I like leggings! However, leggings haven’t always been liked in the Fashion world or even in the real world! Nowadays, I feel like they are acceptable just about everywhere and more popular than before especially with the athleisure trend that has been out for some time.

In honor of #TBT, I am going back, way back to the ’60s. According to my research, the leggings first made their debut around 1959-1960. The product that we cannot live without now, the almighty Lycra, was made! The leggings worn around this time were more dressy looking than the ones we wear today. Women wore leggings or “stretch pants” with the creases. They also wore them with stirrups on the end, which you may noticed is out today too! Around this time, if you wanted to be a polished woman you had to wear dresses. Even homemakers were expected to wear dresses all throughout the day even while doing all the house chores! I know this from my dear Abuela and from seeing the ads and commercials from that time.


During the 70s it was all about Disco! You may have seen the pictures, part of the Disco outfit to boogie included leggings. In the one type of texture that was ever so popular at the time, metallic! It was all the rage to have those shiny leggings. But can you believe that they only made them in small sizes so only for slim women who fit them!?! That is ridiculous! Another crazy fact was that for work, women were expected to only wear dresses in the office, pants were not expected until the 80s! For the most part though, it seemed like women chose to only wear it to the club more than anything.


In the 80s, leggings went from a dressy feel to a casual take. Most women wore them under dresses or oversized tops. This type of dressing became more a younger crowd type of thing. If you ever wondered when did athleisure, as we know it, make it big? Well, it wasn’t today but during the 80s! Fitness icons such as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons became very popular with their fitness videos and that in turn influenced women to wear the leggings in fun different ways like with leg warmers and let us not forget those neon colors! Throughout this time, leggings became an important part of what we know today as, the athleisure outfit!


During the 90s, leggings kind of disappeared for a bit but when it came back it was worn more conservatively, always under dresses and skirts. Girls rocking the “grunge” look sported the leggings more. Later, more and more started wearing them. This was the time that the leggings started evolving into jeans, what we know today as jeggings. Everyone including myself loved this style, the way they were very tight with a painted on look. To this day I still wear jeggings whether they are “in” or not lol but as I mentioned before leggings are more for the “athleisure” trend that is around today. I also personally love this look as well. Comfy yet sexy, now what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!

Below I found some pics of celebrities that rocked leggings the way people did around their time:

#TBT The Future IS Female

As we all now Election Day was this past Tuesday and while I did what seemed to be everything last minute but right so that my vote can “count”, I, like many people I see now, were sorely disappointed with the results but that is a-whole-nother conversation…

I always love it when Fashion links up with current events and always feel the need for recognize these moments! I purchased this tee once I discovered it which I loved obviously because of the great message and the fact that it definitely makes a statement! But you know me I always have to do my research! So I did and I found out the history of this awesome tee.

It was originally seen here on 1975 on Alix Dobkin, photographed by girlfriend, Liza Cowan:



This tee was first designed for Labyris Books, which is actually New York City’s first women bookstore! Liza Cowan’s purpose for this pic was to be part of a slide show.

“I was just beginning to be a photographer, and asked five friends if I could do a before-and-after story on how a woman’s look can change over the course of her life as she matures and comes out,” Ms. Cowan said from her home in Burlington, Vt.”

That was then and just this time last year it found its way back on the internet! Now, you can see many women and even celebrities wear these shirts and sweatshirts. I just had to buy one of my own. If you are interested in getting one for yourself you can try, Etsy and eBay. I made sure that I purchased a good one that doesn’t have the letters just ironed on or something, that will eventually mess up after a number of washes. I purchased the one below in eBay and I just love it


#TBT Fave Looks of Michelle Obama

For Throwback Thursday I wanted to honor the FLOTUS’s style. (FLOTUS stands for First Lady of the United States) It is sad to see her and President Obama go :( Aside from my reasons, I always liked the way they carried themselves and of course because I am so into fashion I just had to do a double take on what she wore! Below are some of my favorites other than the ones I have posted about in the past:

Some of Michella Obama’s best looks

#TBT Remember those Stan Smiths?

Remember seeing everyone and their mother wearing these? Lol Also remember my research in my previous post when they first got hot? Just found these for $30! (Ask me where!!)

Adidas, $75
Adidas, $75

Right when I was about to purchase a pair I started seeing way too many people wearing them do I refused to get them as well lol…if you didn’t get them either you may be happy to know that there are other cool Adidas sneakers that are just as great or even better at great prices! These also don’t just come in green they are also made in black and red!

Below are a few pairs that to me, in some ways resemble the same style (from highest to lowest):

Gucci Web-Strip Trainers, $294
Adidas "Gazelle" $100
Adidas “Gazelle” $100
Adidas "Superstar" $100
Adidas “Superstar” $100

#TBT Cross Colours

crosscoloursI recently bumped into this brand just looking through a store and I’m happy I did! (You might be surprised which local store I found them in) What is Cross Colours; an LA based clothing brand launched back in 1989 by Carl Jones! (Seen below with Jamie Foxx)


Not only did the colors and the styles stand out to me but also the sayings like “CLOTHING WITHOUT PREJUDICE” especially “STOP THE VIOLENCE” which even now is relevant because of all the shootings that have been going on! Without even knowing what this company was all about just yet I just had to buy these tees! These were the ones that attracted me the most..just look at what they say!

Later, I educated myself more on the company and it made me feel even better about my purchase! This company not only rose up with the hip hop movement but also has stood to this day, I personally think, because of what they stand for! With slogans like: “EDUCATE 2 ELEVATE”, “STOP THE VIOLENCE” and “LOVE SEES NO COLOR” who wouldn’t want to rock these tees proud, YA DIG!?!

I also like that this brand came out in the right time this year, with how 90s fashion making a comeback, its only right that one of the 90s biggest brands also comes back! Their 2016 collection includes the remaking of some of their classic slogans but they also have a Limited Edition Authentic Military Collection so I look to be on the look out for that soon too!

#TBT Bringing Back A Known Brand

Remember Rocawear? I definitely do, I remember rocking Rocawear back in my high school days! If I find a pic I will definitely add here lol.. Back in the day, Rocawear was definitely trending and just about everyone had a Rocawear something!


So is Rocawear making a comeback? This question came to mind when I viewed DJ Khaled’s snapchat. Yes I finally joined just a couple months ago and since I recently became a DJ Khaled’s fan because of his positivity (seriously, check him out) I decided to follow him too and oh boy does he snap! Every day and multiple times during the day! In one of his snaps I saw him BTS for Rocawear’s Fall 2016 Campaign. This sparked curiosity and when I read up on it, it was true DJ Khaled was chosen to be the face of Rocawear this season! I did not know this but along with everything else DJ Khaled does he is also a “superfan of fashion!” He also talked about how honored he was when chosen;

“Growing up in the game, Rocawear has always been a major part of the culture and lifestyle of fashion and music, and that’s why this opportunity to be the face of the brand is important to me, and it feels great.”

Just another little “major key alert”; the summer release date of his ninth album “Major Key” will be announced soon!

“I also have a record about to drop with Jay Z and Future. We shot the video already. It’s rare to have [Jay Z] in a video; it’s hard to get him to shoot his own videos, so I was like, “Wow, did I make it to another level?”

#ThrowbackThursday 90’s shoes

I already talked about how it is all about the 90s this season but of course, we cannot forget about the shoes! Like remember the flatform sneakers and sandals?!


Some of you, like me, may have gotten rid of a lot of things throughout the years so may not have any vintage flatforms (Can you believe that now that is considered more vintage now that we are in the 2000s!?!). Designers like Versace have made their own designs like this one. (That $1,918 price tage though?)


Luckily, for those that like the style of these shoes you can still find and buy these shoes at known stores like Aldo and one of my favorite sites, Asos.

Aldo, $90

This fusion of flatforms with the Suede and lace up trend is interesting from Asos.

Park Lane Ghille Lace Suede for $65
Park Lane Ghille Lace Suede for $65
More casual @ Asos for just $24!
Love these Nine West ones for just $42!

#ThrowbackThursday Beginnings of the BODY movement

For a little throwback I wanted to talk more about how the beginnings of the Body Positivity Movement because it may look like it just started now being that you are seeing more of it lately. But technically it has been seen all over some magazines last year!

If you didn’t know, in the fashion industry, you’re actually considered “plus size” from size 8 and up! So by that standard Robyn Lawley was considered a plus size model at 6’2 and size 12, but if you were to ask her, she wouldn’t consider herself that! In her words:

“I don’t know if I consider myself as a plus-size model or not. I just consider myself a model because I’m trying to help women in general accept their bodies.”

That she has and with enough persistence throughout the years she started modeling as the first in Austrailan Vogue, GQ Austraila, Austrailan Cosmopolitan and she was the first plus size model to be the face for the Ralph Lauren Campaign!

Ralph Lauren Campaign
As Ralph Lauren’s first ever plus size model!
For Swimsuits for All
For Swimsuits for All

While you may read in a lot of articles that Ashley Graham is the first plus size-model to make the cover, Sports Illustrated actually first featured model Robyn Lawley in a spread in 2015! So technically Robyn was first!


At this point, it isn’t as important who made it first because this is a movement for all of us real-life women! I also wanted to clarify, and will continue to do so, that this is NOT a trend! This is just the beginning of a movement that is here to stay, starting with the diminishing of the title of “plus size” and who knows what else is next but the first steps in the right direction are being made & I love it!

Little, big side note: I have also had thee pleasure to meet the beautiful Robyn and even got to take a picture with her at a event in NYC!!!

Robyn Lawley & I!
Robyn Lawley & I!


#ThrowbackThursdays Thrift Stores – Brooklyn Edition

Last but not least…#BROOOKLYNN !

Like Manhattan there are a good number of thrift stores in Brooklyn as well!

Below you will find some thrift stores I have found and will be looking into in person soon! They are put in alphabetical order because I am a bit OCD about that lol… Price ranges are also included next to each one)

Crossroads Trading Co. at 135 N 7th St, where you can get new && used clothing                $$

Finders Keepers at 435 Crown St (& multiple locations in BK)

Junk at 9th street sorry for the bad news but it is officially closed but the one at 567 Driggs Avenue is still open!     $$$

L Train Vintage at 1377 DeKalb Avenue          $

Monk Vintage Thrift at 496 Driggs Avenue     $$

Olly Oxen Free Vintage at 137 Montrose Avenue    $$

Urban Jungle at 120 Knickerbocker Avenue     $

Vice Versa Vintage at 550 5th Avenue                 $