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#FF Runway Trends!

Now, don’t just go by the title in that these trends are just for the runway because that would be far from the truth! Yes you may see most trends first on the runway but it also depends on us to take it to the streets! Some trends that were seen during Fashion Week were:

1. Maybe the cold weather that inspired it but the puffer jacket has made its way on the runway more than I have ever seen before. Love. love, love the off the shoulder design added to the jackets!:


2. Protesting through clothing with outspoken tees or accessories (remember those hoodies and shirts for the March? Click here) Below are some that were on the runway:


3. One of my personal favorites I spotted was one of my favorite colors to wear, that beautiful rust and burnt orange color:


4. Another favorite I was happy to see on the runways was velvet! Good to see that velvet is not going to go away any time soon! I personally have recently purchased velvet everything, velvet dresses, heels and boots! Lol


5. You may have noticed some 80s inspired effects here and there like the metallics, ruffles, the one shoulder, and the power lady suit (this one I feel like has to be seen separately)! What do you say ladies want to bring some 80s into 2017?!


Of course there are many trends you can spot on the runway but not all of them are, for lack of a better word, realistic, to wear IRL. However, the ones that I picked to focus on are definitely easy to be to rock in the real world!

My stylist services are open to this as well! Whether you want to dress up for an event or want to change your wardrobe or style, I will see to your style individually and incorporate present trends along the way! Just contact me anytime by emailing me at or contacting me at 646-494-3651!