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My Kylie Liquid Lipstick Review

So finally after a few efforts of trying to order my lipkits I finally ordered one of my choices which was Mary Jo K. I couldn’t wait to try it for myself so I tried it this past weekend and my overall rating of it, I love it.


First thing you may notice is the smell. I like the smell, its a bit fruity that you can actually smell well off after you put it on. The smell actually reminds me of Revlon’s Matte that I recently purchased shown here:


I definitely love how highly pigmented Mary Jo K was. I loved even more how thin and smooth the application was. One thing I didn’t like however was how once it dried it seemed to be a noticeable difference in color. So after I reapplied you can see the line of difference. And yes after eating I had to reapply a bit but mostly on the part of the lip that stays more moist. At first I thought it was not transferrable but I also didn’t like how when a bit moist or when touched by mistake by something wet, I messed up and had to fix it.

Fashion @ Empire? But Of Course!

Empire is back! I am excited to see what Season 2 entails but even more exciting is what they are going to be wearing! Also Empire is so popular that they are getting guest appearances from left to right, you just don’t know who will show up at an Empire episode!


First outfit Cookie wore when episode started, Gucci feathered ensemble that was sheer is all the right places; I absolutely loved Shoes?cookiegucci

Towards the end, even to visit Luscious at prison Cookie brings all eyes on her with this denim Moschino jacket with patchwork. It sort of gave her a professional look I think they were going for a more serious look for her considering the situation at hand.


There was also a guest appearance of former vogue editor-at-large, André Leon Talley! He even played Cookie and her drag while his drag was made from Tom Ford! All he said was three words, “Gucci…Last season!” That must’ve taken less than 2 minutes but just their appearance alone was pretty much epic!


For Season 2, there was even more fashion to look at! In, this scene, Cookie wears a blue Wolford bodysuit, Fendi jacket with matching grey suede pants, Gianvitto Rossie denim shoes, and even accessorized with a Topshop necklace! I love how her stylists mix everything up when it comes to brands! Its not so much about the price of her clothes but more about how it looks when it all comes together! Also, let’s not forget

What is the world was Tiana wearing? Was the question I had in mind when she came up in a scene. She wore this mesh nude suit over her panties with nothing else on top. I didn’t really like this ensemble. The stylists state that the bodysuit was custom made for the actress and inspired by Kanye West’s Yeezy Adidas collection. Along with that bodysuit Topshop makes an appearance again as her cropped tank top. Tiana also wore these knee-high suede boots I did like from Cole Haan. PIC


In the same scene, you cannot ignore Hakeem’s outfit. For the most part, I like Hakeem’s style and this scene doesn’t disappoint. Lanvin t-shirt with leather Vince jogging pants and Prada sneakers love how casual yet fashionable he is here.


Who doesn’t love Andre in a suit? But it is also good to see him in something other than a suit as well! Just like in real life, what you wear in some way or another tells your life. During this scene Andre is thinking of leaving Empire so his outfits say the same. Here he is less corporate wearing an Armani Collezioni shirt with Rag & Bone jeans. I love how the stylist put this together because even though he is being more casual he still has the Andre look


Back to Cookie, at the end of the show, she wears a white Delpozo jacket with a pair of actual men’s Gucci jeans, paint-splattered Manolo Blahnik pumps that go well with the jeans. Kenneth Jay Lane jewels, leopard Jimmy Choo bag. Overall, I liked the outfit but I think they could’ve gave Cookie a more structured jacket one that would’ve accentuated her curves more being that the jeans were not doing so

‘Battle of the Mascaras!’ My Review!

In response to last Monday’s post: ‘Battle of the Mascaras!’ I absolutely love Lancôme’s Grandiôse! It was worth every dollar! It definitely did what it said which was give volume and with no clumping! There was no running or flaking throughout the day.

After a night out, I didn’t get to wash it off and omg it was still on and in great contact! I actually loved the way it looked when I woke up because my eyelashes seemed to have curled up by its self with Grandiôse on overnight! I have never seen that happen with a mascara! I definitely give this product a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating!

Below you will see my before and after pictures!