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#MM New Essie Wild Nudes

I am sure that you are going to love Essie’s new Wild Nudes Collection. They are saying that it is perfect for the Summer but I honestly think that it is great to even wear now for the transition from Spring to Summer!


This collection features 9 new shades including light to dark nudes ideal for the chic minimalists like that army green and light blue that you have been seeing everywhere. I am sure that you will see that these colors will go with everythingg.


From left to right I will name the sexy shades and the colors they are below:

“Skinny Dip” – light peach pink with tiny hint of black?

“Bare With Me” – apricot tone with gray

“Wild Nude” – light tan with a bit of white

“Without a Stitch” – light gray

“Mooning” – light blue with black undertone

“Exposed” – army green with a slight white

“Truth or Bare” – light cinnamon with a bit of red

“Clothing Optional” – natural sienna brown

“Winning Streak” – purple with grayish tone

Essie is only teasing right now not giving exact release date but just saying “very soon!” Of course I will keep you ladies up-to-date!

UPDATE: The launch date is rumored to be May 16th! So mark your calendars ladies!

#MM Would you do these Pop On Nails?

Would you or would it just remind you of when you were little playing makeup? I don’t know about ya but I am a bit curious after seeing the different shades! LimeCrime is about to drop a few chromatic pop on nails:

“Camel” (nude iridescent)


“Lizard” (green iridescent)


“Baby Baby” (champagne iridescent)


“Oyster” (opal iridescent)


“Storm” (grey iridescent)


“Black Magic” (black oil slick iridescent)


Each are just $14 so would you ladies buy it when they come out? I will let ya know when they do but if you would like to subscribe to be notified just click here!

First #MM of the Year 2017!

As some of you may know, I took the week off because I, like other people I imagine, was busy with all the Holiday plans but now I am back, ready to keep you guys up-to-date! Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays! & definitely wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

Being that today is #MM #ManiMonday I would like to share with you my New Years manicure! Ever since my birthday trip to Miami, where I was inspired by Holographic designs and Rose Gold everything, I seem to still obsess over metallics! I recently learned about LeChat’s Mirano line at a nail salon and I must say that I am in love with this collection. I got this gel manicure done on New Years Eve and have decided that I am going back to explore the other colors too! The one I have on now is called “Immortal” not only do I like the name but the color scheme is beautiful and different. “Immortal” seems to be a “Chameleon” color scheme showing different beautiful colors at different angles! Colors I saw were emerald, amethyst, and bronze, just to name a few. Honestly, like I mentioned in my IG post, the pictures don’t do them justice, definitely something you should experience in person!


If you are into everything about nails, like manicures, pedicures, and nail art follow my fashion IG @MosqueraStylesU where I share my fashion finds and favorite manicures! If you have any questions feel free to ask me I don’t mind sharing :)

#MM Essie, OPI & Orly Collections!

You ladies may have noticed that it has been a while since I wrote about nails; it used to be my obsession..sorry but that obsession turned into a beauty and makeup obsession.

But regardless, I should never forget nails! For Fall 2016, these three have their very own collections! I chose to put these together in one post because they are all in the same price range, at $8.50 each bottle.

This is “ESSIE’S FALL FOR JAPANESE COLLECTION” – “udon know me”, “go go geisha”, “now and zen”, “playing koi”, “maki me happy”, and “Kimono-Over”


This is “O.P.I. WASHINGTON DC 2016″ – “Pale to the Chief”, “Inside the Isabelletway”, “Squeaker of the House”, “Freedom of Peach”,  “Yank my doodle”, “Never a Dulles Moment”, “OPI by Popular Vote”, “We the Female”, “Madam President”, “Kerry Blossom”, “Suzi – the First Lady of Nails”, “Stay off the lawn!!”, “OPI CIA Color is Awesome”, “‘Liv’ in the Gray”, “Shh…It’s Top Secret!”

I personally love this collection because some were developed and creatively named by Kerry Washington ( ) who I love for her acting and for her style ( )






This is “ORLY’S MULHOLLAND 2016″ –  “Mansion Lane”, “Hillside Hideout”, “Cahuenga Pass”, “Million Dollar Views”, “Meet me at Mulholland”, and “Party in the Hills”

#MM Nail Contouring?!

First thing I asked when I heard about this, is this really a thing? Yes apparently so. Just as there is contouring the cheekbones for the face or even body contouring now there is also nail contouring!

It’s actually pretty easy to try this out..all you need to do is use a clear or nude color as base coat and then use whatever color you wish straight down the middle (keeping the same size of the brush). I would recommend any dark color or even black as you see here so it stands out a bit more.


You can also see this with a lighter color as shown in this model below (as long as darker than base)


Just like in contouring the face with highlighting, for the nail you can use clear or nude color base. To finish this look make sure to not use completely matte but a semi-matte topcoat instead. The little bit of shine gives off better illusion of longer nails.

This was actually used at NYFW during the latest Vera Wang runway show. This look was made reality with Jin Soon nail polishes:


How about also trying out the metallic trend along with this trend here with a silver line like the one below


So what do you say ladies will you try this nail trend out? I sure am thinking about trying it myself..

Happy #ManiMonday

#ManicureMonday KFC Nail Polish!?


Yes you read right! KFC made their own “finger lickin’ good” edible nail polish! What?! Lol well, now they have thought of everything have they?

KFC debuted their edible nail polishes in Hong Kong. Working together with McCormick and Co, which produces the spices for the actual KFC chicken, they produced 2 flavors: “Original” (beige) and “Hot & Spicy.” (wild orange) Each one is said to be made with natural ingredients of their “original recipe” so yes your nail polish can expire!


How to use: “Apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick—again and again and again!”

Check out their commercial:

Artistic Nail Design

Artistic Nail Design were inspired by the film, “The Huntsman Winter’s War” that just came out in theaters on the 22nd. Just in time for Spring, this is part of their Spring 2016 Collection.

What makes this collection so unique is their Frost Coat Top Coat that you can pair with the other colors in the collection leaving a beautiful finish!

Just click HERE to be directed to the site to make this collection your own!


#ManicureMondays Spray on nail polish!?

Imagine getting a manicure in just 5 minutes?! Well that is the claim here by China Glaze with their nail spray collection!!

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Spray evenly spray polish 4 inches from nails
  3. Apply top coat to seal in
  4. Rinse with just soapy water and watch the excess nail polish disappear! (Watch the video below!)

New China Glaze Coloured Nail Spray in 4 colors! “Purple Shimmer”, “Magneta Shimmer”, “Bright Blue”, and “Platinum Silver”!

silver spray on


New China Glaze Coloured Nail Spray in 4 colors! “Purple Shimmer”, “Magneta Shimmer”, “Bright Blue”, and “Platinum Silver”!

These are being released this April at Ulta!


#ManicureMondays O.P.I. New Collection



Below is the New Orleans Spring and Summer 2016 Collection! I definitely need to try some of these colors in these upcoming seasons!

New Orleans Collection


The names may be difficult to see in this picture so I will name them in order from left to right; Let Me Bayou a Drink | Humidi-Tea | Suzi Nails New Orleans | I Manicure for Beads | Spare Me a French Quarter? | She’s a Bad Muffuletta! | Got Myself into a Jam-balaya | Crawfishin’ for a Compliment | Take a Right on Bourbon | I’m Sooo Swamped! | Rich Girls &Po- Boys | Show Us Your Tips!