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#MakeupMondays While you were out…

I was very busy on Friday so I wasn’t able to log on at 3pm to order the matte metallics :\ I know there must be some ladies on the same boat. Fortunately, I have looked around and found some that are very similar to Kylie’s.

These are Kylie’s original three:

“Reign K” | “King K” | “Heir”

To get a liquid lipstick similar to Heir which is a rose gold you can also try OCC’s Lip Tar in “Synth” and you can also try OCC’s Lip Tar in “Hollywood” for something sort of similar to King K. Both of these are at a great $16 price compared to Kylie’s price at $18 (shipping not included)



Another one for gold, OFRA’s Long Lasting Lipstick in “Fifth Ave” is also great as a metallic top coat!


Of course there are other ways, DIY like a true makeup artist method, where you can use straight gold pigment like MAC’s Blonde’s Gold to put on top of your favorite nude lipstick!


HOW TO wear Metallic Lips!:

Remember that anything with a little bit of glitter is going to be drying for your lips so remember to hydrate! Try a moisturizing lip primer

bh Cosmetics Lip And Eye Primer 

Too Faced Lip Insurance

Mac Prep + Prime Lip Base

Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer



No it’s not July 4th but it seems like for the rest of this season you are going to be seeing the Red, White, and Blue and in stripes all over! Horizontal but mostly Vertical stripes! In everything from apparel to bags!

D&G - Caftan $3300 & pants $1150
D&G – Caftan $3300 & pants $1150

Here in NYC, we’re not out of the cold completely yet! So technically it is still #sweaterweather! What better way to rock the stripe trend and still be weather appropriate then to wear a sweater like this one: (& don’t forget my fave, sweater dresses!)

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta

I also love this coat by Dior at the price of $4700


How to Wear tips:

Go big or…: Go all out with monochrome outfit with same design for the top to the bottom OR bring it down a notch with a sold top or bottom from one of the colors.

Keep it right, keep it tight?: Not in this case. Make sure to leave it a little loose in that it doesn’t have to be skin tight. Trust me, you will look more chic!


Dolce Gabanna skirt with matching bag + Micro mini purse


Root Concealer!

Since I was just mentioning a new color dye in my last post, that also reminds me of having to retouch my own hair! I am one of those people who hate their roots showing! So trying a new way to cover these roots in between retouches is a must!

I just looked into the trusty brand, John Frieda’s Root Blur and I love this concept! What I love even more is the colors that are really safe to use with multiple hair colors out there! I am currently a red head so I believe I can be able to use ‘Colour Blending Concealer Amber to Maple Brunettes’ ! The different shades they have are ‘Platinum to Champagne Blonde’, ‘Honey to Caramel Blonde’, ‘Amber to Maple Brunette’, and ‘Chestnut to Expresso Brunette’



How to use:
  • Firstly, this product can only be used on dry hair.
  • To get a better coverage, apply darker shade first and then lighten to your actual tone.
  • Dab directly onto hair strands and avoid your scalp.
  • Apply powder to dark root regrowth at your part, working from the root outward.
  • You can even extend highlights! Use the pointed edge of the brush and follow existing highlight pattern.
  • Lasts until the next time you shampoo your hair!

Also one of these can last up to 40-60 applications depending how much you use!

I have found this product online for $18.99 but I have also found it for cheaper at $16.99 at Ulta. [Also try your local beauty supply and compare prices, that’s what I always use ;)]

There are also other brands that do just about the same like Color Wow but it is more pricier. There are also other alternatives that are even cheaper like Ardell’s Touch of Color at the great price of about $6! However, they don’t have my color, the colors available are light and dark brown, and black. (I have never tried this brand which is why I am a bit iffy but my experimental side also wants to try this one out!)

#FashionFriday #Prom !

One of the most memorable nights for a senior is right around the corner! If you ladies have been procrastinating you have to decide on a dress real soon! I have found a few sites where you can find the nicest dresses! I wish I would’ve known about these sites when I was in HS!!

#ManicureMondays Furry Nails?!

We have spoken before about how nowadays you can find fur everywhere on just about anything from shoes to purses to shoes to earrings (I, myself have found the cutest earrings and even have my phone dressed up with fur accessories as well)

My iPhone 6 case :)
My iPhone 6 case :)

Now can you imagine fur on your finger nails?! Yes they have been spotted on the runway! I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan first time I saw the first pic below but when I looked more into other kinds I am actually considering it doing myself 😉

At the Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 show these faux fur nails were rocked by the models’ down the runway!


If you want to recreate the design like the ones above you paint each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish in the shades “Rubble” and “Cream Puff.” (or in any other color you want) Then adhere brown or white or any faux fur to each nail with a super shiny high-gloss top coat.

These don’t look so bad at all, so if you want something a little more practical to wear IRL (In Real Life) try these!:

fur_effect_nails& just in case you wanted to see exactly how to do it yourself follow these easy steps!:



Other crazy nail trends!:

#MakeupMondays #GrammyNight Grammy Makeup

Did you see Zendaya make a statement at the Grammy’s?! She definitely caught my attention with the mullet she was rocking and then I found out that she did her own makeup! Props! (insert)

Zendaya's makeup for the Grammy's 2016!
Zendaya’s makeup for the Grammy’s 2016!

She actually got her face done with Cover Girl makeup! (This must be because she is going to working with CoverGirl – watch out for a commercial soon!) Just goes to show you what I have been saying all along; you DO NOT have to spend tons of money on makeup to get good quality makeup!!

For her EYES (It is recommended to do your eye makeup first before doing the rest of your face):


She used this CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow Nude Palette


To HIGHLIGHT: She just used a lighter shade from the same Nudes palette seen here and applied it on her cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of her nose.


For her eyeliner she used IntensifyMe! Liquid Liner in Intense Black cg_intensifyme

For her LASHES she used the newly released mascara (you may have seen the beautiful Katy Perry in the commercial) Plumpify Mascara


For her FACE: she applied CoverGirl truBlend Liquid Makeup in Caramel Beige (remember to start from center of face and then move outward)


To CONTOUR a bit & WARM TONE, she used CoverGirl truBlend Bronzer and added some color by adding truBlend Blush

For her nude LIPS: She did a 3-step process;

Step 1: CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm in Caramel


Step 2: CoverGirl Colorlicious Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams in Caramel Cream


Step 3: CoverGirl Queen Collection Colorlicious Gloss in Premier Pink cg_queen_collection_colorlicious_gloss_3


#ThrowbackThursdays Thrift Stores – Manhattan Edition

I always wondered about thrift stores and have visited them before but never really looked into them and appreciated them as much as I should have! Now I will definitely be making more of an effort!

For the first part of my thrift store journey, I will look into each borough each week :)

This week I will be looking into top thrift stores in NYC! ( you can find them below in alphabetical order ) Thrift stores are also getting more modern and have their own websites 😉 )

Angel Street Thrift found at 118 W 17th Street     $$

AuH2O Thriftique found at 84 East 7th Street      $

Beacon’s Closet found at 10 West 13th Street      $$

Cure Thrift Shop  found at 111 East 12th Street     $$

East Village Thrift Shop found at 186 2nd Avenue     $

Housing Works Thrift Shops (About 15 locations in NYC!)     $$

Mr. Throwback found at 428 E 9th Street      $$

No Relation Vintage found at 204 First Avenue     $

Vintage Thrift Shop found at 286 Third Avenue     $$

Vintage Thrift West found at 242 W 10th Street      $$

(Next to each place I placed dollar signs to represent how inexpensive $ or expensive $$$ they are)


Predicting Trends that will be big this 2016!

This will be my last post of 2015 ( I will be enjoying my Christmas break as I hope you will do too!) so I thought what better way then to start making predictions for the new year of 2016!

faux freckles

It already started on some models on the runway and soon you will be seeing it around more! Faux freckles! Yes you heard right just like there was a time when my beloved Marilyn Monroe made it a universal symbol of beauty to make a faux beauty mark above women’s mouths! Now some women are making their own freckles! Some women are actually using brown eyeliners or brown pen to dot them on. Or if you want something a little more official, there is actually a 72-pencil stencil + formula kit called “Freck Yourself” for more realistic freckles!

Freck Yourself info

You may have noticed how some models have embellishments in their hair but they are not just any embellishments anywhere, they make sure to have them on the parts of their hair!

embellished hair parts


I will continue the second part of this topic during the first week of 2016! Stay tuned!


High Neck Blouses

Do I mean turtlenecks? No! I am not a huge fan of turtlenecks so what is a sophisticated alternative? High neck! Whether it be a feminine ruffled collar (for the Victorian look) or more of a mod high collar, these are great for now in the fall, and the winter too!

These high end high neck blouses are gorgeous but over 5 and 800 dollars! Versace on to the left and the Dolce Gabbana to the right! Below I have found others in affordable prices even under $100!


Now how to wear: These blouses look great with skirts, whether it is the a-line mini I mentioned before or the pencil that I love! Pencil skirts are also great for work. Want to be a little daring at work and show some skin? Show off that leg with a slit skirt! Tip: Like the fun printed one below make sure to pair with a solid colored bottom to anchor your outfit.

BCBGeneration High Neck Blouse for $80
BCBGeneration High Neck Blouse for $80
Warehouse Embroidered High Neck for $65!
Warehouse Embroidered High Neck for $65!

Good ol’ Forever 21 also has their own:

Forever 21 Wine High Neck for just $16!
Forever 21 White High Neck for just $13!
Forever 21 White High Neck for just $13!

How to Wear:

Power outfit: Who says that you can only wear a button down shirt when wearing a suit of a blazer and pants!?! You can wear these blouses and make the power suit feminine sexy!

You can also pair a high neck blouse with some nice trousers! You can put together with regular length trousers or even high-waisted trousers to accentuate that waist a bit.

You can wear these with the cute a-line mini skirt and chunky mid heels like mentioned before in this past post.

You can even put these cute blouses under a dress, like a sheath or shift dress! I think the last time I ever put a shirt under a dress like this was when I was 10 or so but when put together right it actually does look great.

My personal favorite, pencil skirts and midi skirts! I find these professional yet oh so sexy because they can hug your feminine curves! You can see other kinds of pencil skirts and midi skirts here,

#MakeupMondays The Art of the Eyebrows

Different ways to make your eyebrows nice and thick:

1. You can grow them with a growth serum: These are shown to speed up hair growth in about a month with consistent application. The growth serums I have found range from prices $80-120. (I also found others cheaper than $60, Exclusive Members you can contact me for the specific links)


RevitaBrow Advanced
RevitaBrow Advanced @ Revitalash,com

“RevitaBrow® Advanced delivers a proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced peptides, revitalizing extracts and nutritive vitamins to help beautify and enhance the look of dramatic, luxurious lashes.” For the month of October they have this limited edition pink RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & ‘10% of the profits from each purchase will benefit Breast Cancer Awareness, Research and Education Initiatives.’

Latisse that may run you about $120 or so. The only thing with Latisse is that you must get a prescription.

2. For temporary, you can tint your eyebrows! You can actually get your eyebrows tinted at a beauty salon and they can last about 3-4 weeks. Prices range around $25.

3. If your eyebrows are really scarce for you, did you know that you can actually add extensions!?! Just like eyelash extensions, synthetic hairs are glued to baby eyebrow hairs individually! This lasts up to 2-3 weeks and would cost you about $60!

4. But if you would like something even more temporary you can use a pigmented brow gel and/or brow pencil that allows you to manage and adjust your brows on a daily basis.