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How to Keep Your Face Moisturized During the Summer!

Yes it’s possible! Just yesterday I shared my secret weapon to keep moisturized during this steamy summer but now I want to talk about face moisturizers because lets face it [see what I did there ;)] you can not use the same moisturizer you use on your body on your face! I know that many out there must be thinking why would I want to put anything else on my skin that is going to make me sweat more than I already am! But believe it or not if you don’t moisturize & put SPF you will be regretting it sooner than later once you get a painful sunburn or breakouts, whichever comes first!


I know that many may think that they don’t even want to think about wearing makeup in 90 degree weather which I completely understand! However,  I recently been trying to teach myself more & more about makeup so lately I have not even left the house without it! So it all depends on your preference but like I mentioned before we must moisturize! That already being said I have found some good moisturizers all depending on your skin type or your choice of oil or oil free…

One brand that I recently tried and love was Mario Badescu. You can feel good about using this brand too, my skin was breaking out before I started using because I was not moisturizing my skin right but once I started using their moisturizer I definitely noticed how my skin started clearing up! Here is a screenshot of a list of their moisturizers, like Aloe and oil-free moisturizers, etc!

Screen Shot

I have also personally tried this one and it is true that it feels great and that your skin drinks it right up, so you don’t have to be worried about it sitting on your face. ( I also found it for cheaper on Target website for $17 )

$19.99 @ Ulta

This Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream is a popular one and you can find it @ Sephora (make sure to check out reviews and likes too)

$65 @ Sephora

The one above is popular but isn’t as close to famous like this Perricone MD Photo Plasma SPF 30! Just check out all the reviews and likes on Sephora, Plus it is currently out of stock right now!


If you are really trying to get one you can also check out QVC and Dermstore…Good luck!

#ManicureMondays What is lakur nail polish?

I am looking into expanding my nail polish variety and have stumbled on lakur nail polish. They are a bit pricey but from reading into them they definitely look like they are worth it! lakur is a prestige nail colour care line under LONDONTOWN from Britain which promise to provide you the healthiest nail care in just one coat! They have a “9-free” system. What does this mean? Basically their nail polishes are

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Toulene-free
  • DBP-free
  • Formaldehyde resin-free
  • Camphor-free
  • Lead-free
  • Xylene-free
  • Ethyl Tosylamide
  • Paraben-free

Combining cutting-edge bioscience with high fashion, our exclusive collection of ‘kur (enriched nail care systems) and ‘lakur (long-lasting, high-performance lacquers) feature a proprietary blend of nourishing and restorative natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and flower oils from the iconic gardens of Britain, where we were born. With our unique two-step approach of strengthening and nourishing your nail (from the matrix to the tip) and infusing our premium lacquers with powerful, healing ingredients, LONDONTOWN is dedicated to detoxifying your nail care routine – one coat at a time!

& of course: “All products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.”

The Fall/Winter Collection 2015-2016 are ‘Murray Me’, ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Mauve Over’, and ‘Lady Luck’ and all are for $16.


[Click on each one to be directed to each one online.]


Hair Tips

Tips from professional hair stylists like Andre Walker, Oprah’s hairstylist, offer some dry ends tips!

A common mistake that most women make is rubbing hair oil on their ends thinking that the oil will moisturize them when in actuality it doesn’t!

First, you need to apply a good leave-in conditioner.

Afterwards, you can apply the oil on top to seal in the moisturizing conditioner.

The best oils for your hair and overall body and health are natural oils! Yes, the best are made from mother nature! The most recent one you have heard the most about is argan oil which is a type of moroccan oil so when you see these names used interchangeably now you know they are pretty much the same thing. There is also the very versatile coconut oil and others like olive oil and safflower oil.

Some good leave-in conditioners are: Try Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment. I tried it myself at first with a free sample that I was able to get from their website. Get your free sample at!

Some good hair oils are: You know I don’t knock a product over its price! There are plenty of great products that you won’t find in an expensive salon but in a local pharmacy! Like this nourishing oil care detangler from Dove for just $6! This is actually a blend of argan and almond oils. Great for hair that tends to get tangled and for those that are unsure of how to shop for hair oils. Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp oil  also for about $6 that has marula oil that is coming up in the beauty industry nowadays! A bit more pricier but also good quality is Loreal’s Professional Mythic Oil for $32. This is great for the women out there that use their heating tools on a daily basis.  For hair that is overly processed please try Ojon Rare Blend Oil for $35. The blend includes Ojon oil, Tahitian Monoi oil, and Kukui oil!

There is a New Facial Cleansing Brush on the Block!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Touch Facialist for $90 !


Not only is it an electronic facial brush, it also has a holder for your cleanser, found on the bottom called the “reservoir”. On the side there is a lever, where you pump to release Philosophy’s Purity cleanser and with one click of a button you start the vibrations, which they say make 10,000 vibrations a minute!

Click here to purchase this product at $89!

What do you ladies think about giving this facial cleansing brush a try and compare to the other leading cleaning system that starts at least $150 and more?!

You may ask do I really need to purchase a facial cleansing system?  I also wondered the same & didn’t think that it is a priority but from reading and my actual experience, it is said that with a facial cleansing system you can clean your face 6 times more than with your hands!! 6 times! I didn’t think the number was going to  be that high! So now I am going to be investing in cleaning my face better!

Happy Cleansing Ladies!

In search of the perfect beauty monthly subscription? Me too!

There are some awesome beauty subscriptions nowadays you can join that will bring samples straight to your door on a monthly basis!

*Want to be surprised with a few samples to try out? Try Birchbox! Where you can get 4-6 samples, monthly, of beauty and grooming products for both Women & even Men!! Birchbox gives you the option to pay only $10 monthly or one-time payment of $110 for the year! I also learned, thanks to a dear friend, that along with the monthly subscription Birchbox, you can also book an appointment at the Birchbox store @ SoHo! [Click on “SoHo” for map directions :)] You can also call 646-589-8500

Click here for Birchbox Man

*Interested in what some of the top beauty bloggers and You-Tubers would talk about? Try Ipsy! Here you can take a 3 minute quiz where it will direct you to your “Glam Room” and personalize your “Glam Bag” which is basically a cute makeup bag with 4-5 products of samples and full-size make-up products. Take quiz here & subscribe!

*More of an experimental type and DIY kind of woman? Try LoliBeauty! Where you can be send exact ingredients of your next project! Loli Beauty claims that everything they sent you will be 100% organic! You have the option of ordering one box which will be $38 or if you want to continue to a three-month basis, it’ll be $35! Click to subscribe to LoliBeauty today!

*Can’t seem to find the right products for your skin? For women of color we have Angel Beauty Box and Cocotique! Angel Beauty Box, for $20, sends you a monthly themed box with 5-7 products designed for you after completing your “Beauty Profile” click Here to start your beauty profile! Cocotique sends you a Cocotique box  with 5-8 ‘expertly curated beauty and lifestyle samples’! Cocotique also offers different monthly options; if you want to do month to month at $20 ( you can also cancel at anytime), for 3 months – $58(save $2), for 6 months -$112 (you save $8), and for 12 month, a year $220 (you save $20) Click Here to choose your subscription!

Have fun picking your favorite Beauty Box!


Soft Lips All Winter!

With this Arctic weather we’ve been having we have had to protect ourselves by layering up with under clothes and hats and scarves but what about your sensitive part of your face, your lips!?

I am being nice and am sharing one of my little secrets 😉

If you are like me and you do not have a lip moisturizer at hand at the moment, you may just think, “let me lick my lips for a few.” Don’t!! Do you know that you are actually doing more harm to your lips by licking them!?! The wind chill, when it comes in contact with your saliva, actually dries up your lips even more than they were before! So you’re actually better off waiting until you put on your favorite lip balm!

What you would find in my purse: my favorite lip balm currently is called “Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm” and I have purchased them at a Sephora store. At first I was hesitant on the price but it is actually worth the price! With this lip balm, my lips instantly feel moisturized and it actually stays on longer than any other lip balm I have used!


For more target treatment, I would recommend that every once in a while when you feel  your lips becoming rough, to scrub your lips. Yes just like you exfoliate your face with a face scrub, you can do the same with your lips :)

You can purchase a great lip set from Mary Kay, their Satin Lip Set or Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush Cosmetics.








But if you want to DIY here’s a great way!! All you would need is:

  • about 2 tbsp of brown sugar (or sugar)
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil (or jojoba or coconut)
  • & just mix it all up!
  • If you would like it minty just add a drop of peppermint oil 😉

Since this homemade lip scrub has been made from natural products, you should keep in your fridge and use to exfoliate every 2 days or so, not every day! Happy exfoliating!

Enjoy xo

Biotin: Woman’s Versatile Vitamin!

(Original posting on 2014/01/26)

Biotin is a versatile B vitamin! It is an important vitamin for healthy hair and skin!! If you have brittle nails and weak, falling hair you must take biotin supplements! On top of these, biotin is also great for weight loss! Reason being, Biotin helps to transform fats and carbs into energy you need daily. So, not only will you look good but you will also feel good! Win-win!

There are different mcg ranging from as low as 300 to as high as 7500! You should probably test out each amount just to make sure because for one person 7500 may be too much and ultimately a waste (fact: your body will only take what it needs the rest will just be disposed of! So you’ll literally be peeing money away (sorry for the detail but I am only sharing knowledge with you! ;))) while for someone else 7500 is good enough to see adequate hair growth.

I bought Biotin from The Vitamin Shoppe and you can also find at any pharmacy :)

A New Skin Care Line!

By Demi Lovato


All DEVONNE by Demi™ products are expert multi-taskers: true skincare problem-solvers designed to deliver real cleansing, hydrating, soothing, healing, protecting and purifying benefits in mere minutes a day. Each formula is crafted with high-quality, naturally-derived ingredients, including antioxidants, nurturing peptides, soothing moisturizers, renewing exfoliants, and botanical purifying ingredients—all infused with refreshing fragrances like lavender, lemon, rosemary and chamomile.