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New Ways to wear your Hair *hair flip*

If you like to wear your hair up, grab a hair clip & no, not those regular ol hair clips but the new ones that have made their way on the runways (Adam Selman’s show) Chris Habana has changed the way you will be seeing them. First, he oversized them and made then neon metallic. On these models they just grabbed their hair, made knots in the front, and pinned these cool, bright accessories.


Would you ladies also try these outspoken pins?

You can get this pair at for $79

You can actually make your own, worded however you want, with this customized site, click here! & of course also try to look up at Etsy, there are lots of overlooked talented people on Etsy!

If you’re like me you may be looking for other ways to wear your hair down other than the good old “wearing it down.” There are great accessories to wear like these below:

Unfortunately, I currently do not have long hair. I made a hair transformation for my birthday so I am currently rockin the lob haircut. But when my hair gets to the length I used to have it, I will definitely want to try these out even if people may stop wearing them! How versatile and chic are these belt hair ties!? Wearing these belt ties with straightened hair makes this look an even more sleeker one don’t ya think?

You can find these at for $65 each (they are actually selling fast!) but I will be looking up ones that look the same but in better prices! If you are interested in these just text me directly at the number below :) You can also try using the same belt that are in these pics, I think almost everyone must own one! Or if not & you want a smaller one try a kids size lol hey you know that Fashion takes experimenting 😉

Happy Good Hair Days

Root Concealer!

Since I was just mentioning a new color dye in my last post, that also reminds me of having to retouch my own hair! I am one of those people who hate their roots showing! So trying a new way to cover these roots in between retouches is a must!

I just looked into the trusty brand, John Frieda’s Root Blur and I love this concept! What I love even more is the colors that are really safe to use with multiple hair colors out there! I am currently a red head so I believe I can be able to use ‘Colour Blending Concealer Amber to Maple Brunettes’ ! The different shades they have are ‘Platinum to Champagne Blonde’, ‘Honey to Caramel Blonde’, ‘Amber to Maple Brunette’, and ‘Chestnut to Expresso Brunette’



How to use:
  • Firstly, this product can only be used on dry hair.
  • To get a better coverage, apply darker shade first and then lighten to your actual tone.
  • Dab directly onto hair strands and avoid your scalp.
  • Apply powder to dark root regrowth at your part, working from the root outward.
  • You can even extend highlights! Use the pointed edge of the brush and follow existing highlight pattern.
  • Lasts until the next time you shampoo your hair!

Also one of these can last up to 40-60 applications depending how much you use!

I have found this product online for $18.99 but I have also found it for cheaper at $16.99 at Ulta. [Also try your local beauty supply and compare prices, that’s what I always use ;)]

There are also other brands that do just about the same like Color Wow but it is more pricier. There are also other alternatives that are even cheaper like Ardell’s Touch of Color at the great price of about $6! However, they don’t have my color, the colors available are light and dark brown, and black. (I have never tried this brand which is why I am a bit iffy but my experimental side also wants to try this one out!)

Pastel Colored Hair?!

As with nature with the flowers is to fashion with the colors of apparel, everything gets lighter! How about light, pastel-colored hair?? Would you ladies try it?!

One thing you don’t have to worry too much about is the price you think you might have to pay to get your hair like this. But you actually don’t! Feria has a Feria Pastels Collection


The colors by name from left to right are ‘Pastel Pink Panther’, ‘Pastel Lilac Lavender’, and ‘Peach Punch’

Spring (dare say Summer too) Hair Trends!

Below are some hair trends that you will be seeing real soon, as soon as this weather gets its act straight!! Lol There are hairstyles that have been spotted on The Runway so now it is up to us to bring it to the streets!

Accessories in the hair is going to be big this Spring! Anything from embellished headbands and head chains to even little Princess crowns would look great! Try it out it :)

I found this great head chain from a great store at an even better price! Look for this beautiful head chain at Top Shop for just $15!



Miracle Hair Line?!

Allegedly in a recent interview, Kylie Jenner supposedly revealed her secret weapon for her hair. Kylie Jenner has obviously put her hair through a lot of damage with constant dying and styling. One would think that she uses some high end products to maintain the health of her hair but she actually uses a product that even though is a bit expensive, it is still very affordable. Of course she is endorsing the brand is most likely going to make money from it soon if it hits big. There are Kardashian sisters and Selena Gomez. I figured I give it a try, why not right? And right now you should definitely think about giving it a try when there is a risk-free trial going on where all you are charged is for shipping and handling for under $5!!


“Keranique’s Hair Regrowth Treatment features 2% minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to help women regrow hair. For women with thin hair looking for serious and long term solutions and to maintain their hair’s body. Twice a day, everyday, for healthy and fuller-looking hair. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that promotes oxygen, blood and nutrients to the follicles to make them stronger and help re-grow hair. This sulfate-free Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is designed especially for thinning hair to gently deep clean and stimulate the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Fortified with keratin and panthenol (pro vitamin B5), hair feels lighter, cleaner, and more buoyant.”

I will definitely  get back to you guys on how the product worked or did not work me with pictures to prove so stay tuned!

Hair Tips

Tips from professional hair stylists like Andre Walker, Oprah’s hairstylist, offer some dry ends tips!

A common mistake that most women make is rubbing hair oil on their ends thinking that the oil will moisturize them when in actuality it doesn’t!

First, you need to apply a good leave-in conditioner.

Afterwards, you can apply the oil on top to seal in the moisturizing conditioner.

The best oils for your hair and overall body and health are natural oils! Yes, the best are made from mother nature! The most recent one you have heard the most about is argan oil which is a type of moroccan oil so when you see these names used interchangeably now you know they are pretty much the same thing. There is also the very versatile coconut oil and others like olive oil and safflower oil.

Some good leave-in conditioners are: Try Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment. I tried it myself at first with a free sample that I was able to get from their website. Get your free sample at!

Some good hair oils are: You know I don’t knock a product over its price! There are plenty of great products that you won’t find in an expensive salon but in a local pharmacy! Like this nourishing oil care detangler from Dove for just $6! This is actually a blend of argan and almond oils. Great for hair that tends to get tangled and for those that are unsure of how to shop for hair oils. Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp oil  also for about $6 that has marula oil that is coming up in the beauty industry nowadays! A bit more pricier but also good quality is Loreal’s Professional Mythic Oil for $32. This is great for the women out there that use their heating tools on a daily basis.  For hair that is overly processed please try Ojon Rare Blend Oil for $35. The blend includes Ojon oil, Tahitian Monoi oil, and Kukui oil!

Iffy about wearing that teeny weeny bikini?

But the summer is all about bikinis and bikini bumps :( Those irritating bumps can be caused from constant shaving or waxing but this is something we have to do too! & then there is also the risk of getting those pesky and sometimes painful ingrown hairs!

Here are a few tips of how to prevent those ingrowns.

  1. Exfoliate the area with a wet loofah/poof/washcloth
  2. Wet skin with warm water so that your hair follicles open up
  3. You may not think you need shave gel or anything but you do need the lubrication to minimize the friction
  4. Shave in the direction of the hair growth
  5. Apply cool washcloth on your post-shave skin
  6. Before you need to shave again I suggest you use a treatment that contains glycolic acid

One product that has glycolic acid is “Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster Pads for just $8 at

completely bare

If you still get irritation:

  1. Treat the area with topical hydrocortisone which reduces swelling and redness
  2. Apply treatment containing 2% salicylic acid to open hair follicles and so that hairs come up to the surface

Another alternative is to try different hair removal method like most of Nair Hair Removal Products which go on as lotions and gels and don’t leave your skin so irritated.

Summer Must-Have: Frizz Controlling Sheets for the Hair?!


Nunzio Saviano, one of New York’s top stylist, can be found at his salon on the Upper East Side at 65th Street. But even if you can’t book an appointment with Mr. Saviano yourself you can get a hold of his hair products; one of which caught my attention for its convenience and interesting packaging!

Saviano said he made these anti-frizz sheets for all types of hair: short, long, thick or thin! His anti-frizz sheets are

“enriched with non-sticky polymers to provide a touch of hold and enriched with Coconut Oil for its natural moisturizing benefits and healthy shine”

If you want to order online click here to find a box of 12 sheets for $18 with free shipping!


In search of the perfect beauty monthly subscription? Me too!

There are some awesome beauty subscriptions nowadays you can join that will bring samples straight to your door on a monthly basis!

*Want to be surprised with a few samples to try out? Try Birchbox! Where you can get 4-6 samples, monthly, of beauty and grooming products for both Women & even Men!! Birchbox gives you the option to pay only $10 monthly or one-time payment of $110 for the year! I also learned, thanks to a dear friend, that along with the monthly subscription Birchbox, you can also book an appointment at the Birchbox store @ SoHo! [Click on “SoHo” for map directions :)] You can also call 646-589-8500

Click here for Birchbox Man

*Interested in what some of the top beauty bloggers and You-Tubers would talk about? Try Ipsy! Here you can take a 3 minute quiz where it will direct you to your “Glam Room” and personalize your “Glam Bag” which is basically a cute makeup bag with 4-5 products of samples and full-size make-up products. Take quiz here & subscribe!

*More of an experimental type and DIY kind of woman? Try LoliBeauty! Where you can be send exact ingredients of your next project! Loli Beauty claims that everything they sent you will be 100% organic! You have the option of ordering one box which will be $38 or if you want to continue to a three-month basis, it’ll be $35! Click to subscribe to LoliBeauty today!

*Can’t seem to find the right products for your skin? For women of color we have Angel Beauty Box and Cocotique! Angel Beauty Box, for $20, sends you a monthly themed box with 5-7 products designed for you after completing your “Beauty Profile” click Here to start your beauty profile! Cocotique sends you a Cocotique box  with 5-8 ‘expertly curated beauty and lifestyle samples’! Cocotique also offers different monthly options; if you want to do month to month at $20 ( you can also cancel at anytime), for 3 months – $58(save $2), for 6 months -$112 (you save $8), and for 12 month, a year $220 (you save $20) Click Here to choose your subscription!

Have fun picking your favorite Beauty Box!


Biotin: Woman’s Versatile Vitamin!

(Original posting on 2014/01/26)

Biotin is a versatile B vitamin! It is an important vitamin for healthy hair and skin!! If you have brittle nails and weak, falling hair you must take biotin supplements! On top of these, biotin is also great for weight loss! Reason being, Biotin helps to transform fats and carbs into energy you need daily. So, not only will you look good but you will also feel good! Win-win!

There are different mcg ranging from as low as 300 to as high as 7500! You should probably test out each amount just to make sure because for one person 7500 may be too much and ultimately a waste (fact: your body will only take what it needs the rest will just be disposed of! So you’ll literally be peeing money away (sorry for the detail but I am only sharing knowledge with you! ;))) while for someone else 7500 is good enough to see adequate hair growth.

I bought Biotin from The Vitamin Shoppe and you can also find at any pharmacy :)