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“Mobile Wednesday”


You can take place of something that will become a part in history just like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”! eBay is trying to invent “Mobile Wednesday” to target people right before Thanksgiving this Thursday; more specifically, those people riding in the car while on their way to the house of destination for Thanksgiving dinner! eBay plans to release a bunch of discounts like Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Wi-Fi tablet with 16 GB of storage for $99 and Klipsch X11 noise isolation headphones for $79.99.

So let’s see if it catches on! Happy Shopping!

#TBT Back to the Future!

I love talking about how fashion and technology go hand in hand. Just last week I was talking about the first robot sneaker, Adidas’ Futurecraft MFG and now the Back to the Future sneaker is out! I, myself, am a fan of the Back to the Future series and I think it is cool how they are bringing back the sneaker. The one Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future Part II” to be exact. Their name “Nike Mags.” These self lacing, yes self lacing kicks are the wave of the future!

Image result for nike mags

However, the bad news is that these are not just being sold to the general public, there are only 89 pairs being raffled. Why only 89 pairs? Because the movie came out in 1989. Good news, you can enter the raffle at just $10, and there is no entry limit. Even better, all proceeds go to the Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. You can also read up more for the foundation at

Image result for nike mags

Interested in getting your own? You can put in your raffle entry or entries by visiting HERE and clicking “Take Part” or by logging into Nike+ App. The draw began October 4th – October 11th. If you won, you will be notified October 17th.

#MM 3D Printed Lipstick!

Not only has Smashbox released an online exclusive #BeLegendary Collection of 120 shades in cream and in my favorite, matte (seen below, each for $21) but they also let you play the #BeLegendary 120 Lipstick Matching Game. All you have to do is pick your favorite shade and you’ll receive a code to redeem a free 3D-printed lipstick with any purchase you make. You can choose any design like lips and signatures. The print then gets transferred onto a mirror compact, and you can apply the lipstick using a lip brush or fingers. This is just for a limited time, however, you only have until the 12th to play the game and get the code, but the custom lipsticks can be redeemed through Halloween.

cream matte

I love customization & technology and this is another great idea. Would you ladies try this too? I am in the process of ordering mine. Smashbox’s states it’s “only the beginning of 3D-printed makeup” so I’m excited to see what’s next.

First Robot Sneaker!

Adidas has been getting in on the “robotic revolution” and has unveiled their first robot-manufactured sneakers. These were made in a “SPEEDFACTORY” in Germany.


This sneaker is considered a running sneaker, excuse me “a high performance running shoe.” The name: “FUTURECRAFT M.F.G” – what does that stand for? Made for Germany. The MFG is “a running shoe that sports Adidas’ trademark Primeknit upper and 3D printed Boost midsole.”

How exclusive? Only 500 pairs exclusive. For now anyway but have no fear we can expect more in 2017 after the SPPEDFACTORY in the US opens.

Adidas’ goal: “This is where imagination meets innovation. It’s where we expose the illusion of impossible and venture beyond the limits defined by the past. It’s a place to disturb the present and create the future.” I think they have reached their goal.

Other than the obvious, that they look good – sidenote what about all the jobs that these robots will be taking?? Definitely something to think about…

#ThrowbackThursdays Barbie then & now!

Remember how back in the day, Barbie used to look like this??

The first Barbie doll
The first Barbie doll

Then like this:

(I actually had this one lol loved playing the dolphin more than anything!)

I am happy to report that Mattel has made a curvy Barbie!! Mattel has also launched three new Barbie types and with these different skin tones and even different hair and eye colors. All of these are part of the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas Collection!!!


The three new shapes are “curvy”, “tall”, and “petite”

Shop these beautiful Barbies for your daughter, little sister, neice because they should know that there are many different forms of beauty starting from a young age! (Click on dolls to be redirected to purchase.)

Barbie Fashionistas Doll 27 Sweetheart Stripes Curvy


Barbie Fashionistas Doll 24 Blue Brocade Petite

Barbie Fashionistas Doll 24 Blue Brocade Petite
Barbie Fashionistas Doll 24 Blue Brocade Petite



#Barbie #TheDollEvolves #Fashionistas

#SLAY with Beyonce’s clothing and accessories line!

Queen Bey just came out with a new song & video called “Formation” !! Of course a hit (you just have to watch the video!) but I also love how she already has some clothing and accessories already with some lyrics of this newly released song! She “just might be a black Bill Gates in the making!”

I love some of her items and I love it even more that they are all affordable not obnoxious prices like her other friends!! (Kanye West 😒)

Slay tee for $35
Slay tee for $35
"I twirl on them haters" $60
“I twirl on them haters” $60
(Enough said) phone case $25
(Enough said!) phone case $25


What Beyonce actually wore for the video!:

Broad City’s Style!

Where it began
Where it began

Do not know if you have checked it out but “Broad City” is an awesomely hilarious show. I am not only happy to hear that Finally the third season is premiering on February 17th but also that there is an actual fashion mission for the show!

I did not watch the show solely for the fashion because I don’t think that was the angle the show was going for and it didn’t particularly find myself copying their style but I did like the way they looked effortless and relaxed as if they didn’t try so hard to look good and the face that they had a sense of humor were two of the things that I admired the most!

Ilana and Abbi! Can't wait!
Ilana and Abbi! Can’t wait!

Stay tuned and check out on Comedy Central channel on February 17th! Also check out Hulu!