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Ever heard of a customizable coordinate gold bangle?

I am a big fan of customizable items even more when at first view is something mysterious! I am all for a thoughtful talking pieces and these customizable gold bangles are just that! You can actually put the latitude and longitude  of the exact place that is special to you! Talk about very specific and very unique!

Sky Bracelet in Gold for $270

Click here to go on their website and order yours! You can make these your own for a little less than $300. You will also find a few other pieces that are more than $1000! But I think it is worth it don’t you?

DIY Nail Polish!?!?

This Summer I partook in more DIY experiments! Everything ranging from making my own face masks (link) to skin remedies (link)! Never thought of making my own nail polish though! Well at Handmade Beauty Box you can do just that!

At Handmade Beauty Box, other then nail polishes and face masks you can also make your own soaps, candles, bath fizzies, foot scrubs, even makeup like mineral makeup and even lipstick!! How can you get your own box to start your own DIY experiments? First, you pick your monthly subscription, 3-month or 12-month. Then they pack your monthly boxes with “quality ingredients so you can make beauty products at home.”

I love this concept here, would you ladies try this out?

The downside of Pedicures?!?

I know you must be thinking downside of pedicures?! What could possibly be a downside??

Well, when you constantly get pedicures and paint your nails all the time you may notice that your natural nails get a little yellowish. It is recommended that you let your little piggies air out for some time but what about if you don’t really want to do that? Even though I recommend at least a week there are also other alternatives to whiten those toe nails up!

If you know me, you know I love to save money and I love it when I have one thing that can be used for other things! The same things you use to whiten your teeth can be the same thing to whiten your toe nails!

Brush on whitening toothpaste with or invade your own kitchen cabinet and make a mix of water and baking soda! Or you can also  brush on a whitening pen! You can do each of these once a week and you will see results soon!

GO Smile On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen



Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen


In search of the perfect beauty monthly subscription? Me too!

There are some awesome beauty subscriptions nowadays you can join that will bring samples straight to your door on a monthly basis!

*Want to be surprised with a few samples to try out? Try Birchbox! Where you can get 4-6 samples, monthly, of beauty and grooming products for both Women & even Men!! Birchbox gives you the option to pay only $10 monthly or one-time payment of $110 for the year! I also learned, thanks to a dear friend, that along with the monthly subscription Birchbox, you can also book an appointment at the Birchbox store @ SoHo! [Click on “SoHo” for map directions :)] You can also call 646-589-8500

Click here for Birchbox Man

*Interested in what some of the top beauty bloggers and You-Tubers would talk about? Try Ipsy! Here you can take a 3 minute quiz where it will direct you to your “Glam Room” and personalize your “Glam Bag” which is basically a cute makeup bag with 4-5 products of samples and full-size make-up products. Take quiz here & subscribe!

*More of an experimental type and DIY kind of woman? Try LoliBeauty! Where you can be send exact ingredients of your next project! Loli Beauty claims that everything they sent you will be 100% organic! You have the option of ordering one box which will be $38 or if you want to continue to a three-month basis, it’ll be $35! Click to subscribe to LoliBeauty today!

*Can’t seem to find the right products for your skin? For women of color we have Angel Beauty Box and Cocotique! Angel Beauty Box, for $20, sends you a monthly themed box with 5-7 products designed for you after completing your “Beauty Profile” click Here to start your beauty profile! Cocotique sends you a Cocotique box  with 5-8 ‘expertly curated beauty and lifestyle samples’! Cocotique also offers different monthly options; if you want to do month to month at $20 ( you can also cancel at anytime), for 3 months – $58(save $2), for 6 months -$112 (you save $8), and for 12 month, a year $220 (you save $20) Click Here to choose your subscription!

Have fun picking your favorite Beauty Box!


Soft Lips All Winter!

With this Arctic weather we’ve been having we have had to protect ourselves by layering up with under clothes and hats and scarves but what about your sensitive part of your face, your lips!?

I am being nice and am sharing one of my little secrets 😉

If you are like me and you do not have a lip moisturizer at hand at the moment, you may just think, “let me lick my lips for a few.” Don’t!! Do you know that you are actually doing more harm to your lips by licking them!?! The wind chill, when it comes in contact with your saliva, actually dries up your lips even more than they were before! So you’re actually better off waiting until you put on your favorite lip balm!

What you would find in my purse: my favorite lip balm currently is called “Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm” and I have purchased them at a Sephora store. At first I was hesitant on the price but it is actually worth the price! With this lip balm, my lips instantly feel moisturized and it actually stays on longer than any other lip balm I have used!


For more target treatment, I would recommend that every once in a while when you feel  your lips becoming rough, to scrub your lips. Yes just like you exfoliate your face with a face scrub, you can do the same with your lips :)

You can purchase a great lip set from Mary Kay, their Satin Lip Set or Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush Cosmetics.








But if you want to DIY here’s a great way!! All you would need is:

  • about 2 tbsp of brown sugar (or sugar)
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil (or jojoba or coconut)
  • & just mix it all up!
  • If you would like it minty just add a drop of peppermint oil 😉

Since this homemade lip scrub has been made from natural products, you should keep in your fridge and use to exfoliate every 2 days or so, not every day! Happy exfoliating!

Enjoy xo