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Cultural Appropriation Culprits: Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian

First off, what is cultural appropriation? Also known as cultural misappropriation, the actual definition is “the adoption or use of one’s culture elements by members of another culture.” This concept in itself is very debatable but one thing is for sure that when put side to side there does look like there is some copying going on…

Kylie Shop has came out with a new line full of camoflauge designs but along with that there is some drama of course. After debuting her camo collection, she was accused of copying their designs by Tizita Balemlay, who is the creative director of PluggedNYC.

Below was the way she reacted on social media:


She is not claiming to have started the camouflage trend but  she is claiming that she has brought them back. It also surely doesn’t help that Kylie herself has purchased from her store, with receipts and   everything! I am still waiting to see how Kylie is going to respond to this!

But it doesn’t stop there, Kylie isn’t the only one doing this dirty work. Khloe was also seen doing the exact same thing with a designer named Destiney Bleu, buying from her store, DBleudazzled and using her idea at her store, Good American.

Destiney Bleu wrote: ‘I was so excited to make a custom Cavs jersey for KK cuz Im from there, I bought crazy inventory because I knew theyd sell when she wore..

‘I was also super excited when her sisters used my pieces in their lookbook, not realizing they were also passing it off as their own.’

These are the bodysuits that Khloe had ordered and then wore and passed as her own for her “Good American” brand:


Shame on the Kardashian/Jenners, for as much influence as they have on others, they should at least stay original.

#FF Big Sample Sale!

This Mode PR sample sale is a must go-to! Definitely felt like I had to share considering all the great designers names that will be included. Below I am including the flyer, if you think you may have time make your way to 547 Broadway! And if not, make the time because at this sample sale you will see:  Baserange, Electric Feathers, Oroboro, Lindsey Thornburg, Priory, Nomia, Samuji, Oak, Veronica Dreyer, Caron Callahan, Gray MattersA Peace TreatyIchi Antiquites and many other vintage items!


What the IKEA?!

You may have noticed all this random IKEA merch all over Instagram and has same reaction as I did, like What the? LOL

Well I just had to do my research and this is what I got: This hype all started when the famous Vetements brand teamed up with Balenciaga, has taken to the all-known blue IKEA Frakta bags and made them into merch! Almost indestructible and waterproof merch! Lol

Balenciaga and Vetements teamed up to make this $2,145 copy of the IKEA bag!

IKEA’s response?


Brilliant and funny response to Balenciaga’s copy of their bag that is only $0.99!

And look at these other great Frakta style merch I found on Instagram, by independent designers too, would ya dare to rock?! ( I would be adding as much as I see so this post will continuously be updated so stay tuned!)

Ikea logo Unisex T-Shirt
$28 from RedBubble


Everything from sneakers to hats to even thongs were made by great designers, can ya appreciate the creativeness!?

#FF 90s Nostalgia

I am sure you have noticed by now that the 90s is making a comeback, from the sweaters and sweatsuits to the shoes, the 90s are definitely back! With that being said, of course a bunch of companies will be making some of their own products to stay in the know. Guess, Reebok, and Champion have all already been making it especially with the help of promoting by top celebrities.

Esprit, a brand that you may have overlooked at one point is definitely one to watch now:


Definitely loving the pastel colors and the stripes! How about you guys? What are your favorites?

#FF Supreme X MJ


Now if at first thought, you thought of MJ like Michael Jackson than you are right! Looks like there are some teases that Supreme will be doing a collaboration with the great Michael Jackson! I did not know this but Supreme has done something like this before, like with Muhammed Ali.

The collection should include hoodies and tees! So far from what I have seen, looks like they are taking a few pics of MJ and are putting them in the center of their tees and hoodies. As soon as I find out more I will be updating you ladies and gents!

#TBT History of the Leggings!

I’m not sure about you ladies but I like leggings! However, leggings haven’t always been liked in the Fashion world or even in the real world! Nowadays, I feel like they are acceptable just about everywhere and more popular than before especially with the athleisure trend that has been out for some time.

In honor of #TBT, I am going back, way back to the ’60s. According to my research, the leggings first made their debut around 1959-1960. The product that we cannot live without now, the almighty Lycra, was made! The leggings worn around this time were more dressy looking than the ones we wear today. Women wore leggings or “stretch pants” with the creases. They also wore them with stirrups on the end, which you may noticed is out today too! Around this time, if you wanted to be a polished woman you had to wear dresses. Even homemakers were expected to wear dresses all throughout the day even while doing all the house chores! I know this from my dear Abuela and from seeing the ads and commercials from that time.


During the 70s it was all about Disco! You may have seen the pictures, part of the Disco outfit to boogie included leggings. In the one type of texture that was ever so popular at the time, metallic! It was all the rage to have those shiny leggings. But can you believe that they only made them in small sizes so only for slim women who fit them!?! That is ridiculous! Another crazy fact was that for work, women were expected to only wear dresses in the office, pants were not expected until the 80s! For the most part though, it seemed like women chose to only wear it to the club more than anything.


In the 80s, leggings went from a dressy feel to a casual take. Most women wore them under dresses or oversized tops. This type of dressing became more a younger crowd type of thing. If you ever wondered when did athleisure, as we know it, make it big? Well, it wasn’t today but during the 80s! Fitness icons such as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons became very popular with their fitness videos and that in turn influenced women to wear the leggings in fun different ways like with leg warmers and let us not forget those neon colors! Throughout this time, leggings became an important part of what we know today as, the athleisure outfit!


During the 90s, leggings kind of disappeared for a bit but when it came back it was worn more conservatively, always under dresses and skirts. Girls rocking the “grunge” look sported the leggings more. Later, more and more started wearing them. This was the time that the leggings started evolving into jeans, what we know today as jeggings. Everyone including myself loved this style, the way they were very tight with a painted on look. To this day I still wear jeggings whether they are “in” or not lol but as I mentioned before leggings are more for the “athleisure” trend that is around today. I also personally love this look as well. Comfy yet sexy, now what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!

Below I found some pics of celebrities that rocked leggings the way people did around their time:

Making it easy to shop for Coachella!


Yes Coachella (short for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival) is near and although I will not be attending I am excited for those that will be! The exact dates? First week is from April 14th-April 16th! + The second weekend is from April 21st-April 23rd! Where? At the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Cali.

You may have already heard some bad news like Queen Bey possibly opting out because of the twins of course! I mean she is an amazing performer but come on performing while holding two growing babies!? But there are also going to be other great artists/performers like Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga!

Hearing the words: music festival may mean different things to different people same goes for dressing for it! You ladies now that I am everything Fashion so I will be talking about different options of how to dress (makeup will be in another article) for the famous Coachella! TBH I cannot fit everything in one or even couple of articles because honestly the possibilities are endless! You can go for a “rocker look” or a “bohemian look” or a “sporty look.” Just like you are going to Coachella to have a great time, you should also have fun with your outfits!

I have gone to plenty of different music festivals myself but more of EDC festivals! [] I made sure to have fun while choosing an outfit because if you have been to any king of music festival before than you know that you can pretty much wear anything! Don’t believe me? Wait until you see for yourself lol

Firstly, I make sure that I am dressing for the weather. Since Coachella is being in California and its going to hit the 90s! (Yes I checked! Up to 92 in the first weekend and 89 the high in the second weekend.) I am sure you are going to want to ultimately stay cool. With these temps I would dress lightly. You can find great little dresses and outfits at Forever 21 (they have a great “Festival Shop“) and H&M. I’m not sure if you remember but I wrote about H&M’s campaign with Coachella? Well H&M still loves Coachella! You can find all their items by clicking here! Fashion Nova also has a great selection in their “Festival” menu. You also have another one of my favorite companies of all time: ASOS who have a “Festival Essentials” section just for you! A recent favorite for me, Boohoo also have a “Festival Accessories & Festival Fashion” section. Even GUESS has “The Festival Shop” with apparel and accessories that can satisfy any look you are going for!

I am sure you have been the mirrored lenses all over the net and on some celebrities. There have even been modern goggles on a few. Accessories such as these along with gypsy jewelry and chokers are all great additions to your Coachella outfit! In each of the links I have provided above you will be able to find these and even more ideas to make your outfit festival ready!

Ever wanted that SnapChat filter to take with you?!?! Urban Outfitters (can’t forget about this one!) actually has it! & for just $18 I don’t see why I can’t get one just to have it lol (click pic)scfilter

Just to throw even more ideas that you will definitely see all over:




Hope everyone has an amazing time and safe travels!


April Fools Day Sales!!

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Ulta: sale on selected items

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Yoox: up to an extra 85% off sale items

Happy Shopping!


#FF Gabrielle Union X NY&Co

I have written about other great collabs NY&Co has chosen to work with, like Jennifer Hudson and Eva Mendes. Now there is another great collab! NY&Co and Gabrielle Union have come together to make a collection based on her “Being Mary Jane” show!nycoxgu

I have yet to see the “Being Mary Jane” show but from looking at the collection I can easily see that “Mary Jane” is a chic dresser. In her collection you will see pants, skirts, dresses and even shorts that maintain a sophisticated look. Prices range from about $39.95 – $109.95. I already think NY&Co is a great company because of their choice of apparel which for the most part, is sophisticated chic but I personally love them even more for all the sales that they have! Seriously, even though the prices I mentioned above are somewhat affordable for some, catch them on a good day and you can snag these items for even lower prices! From what I am already seeing this beautiful romper below is going to sell out fast! [Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 ]


One of my favorites is this sexy yet sophisticated ruffled lace up skirt! Plus for just about $70, I am eyeing it myself to see if I should get one (click here or pic for shortcut)


What are your favorites ladies??

Happy Shopping


#FF VBXTarget is finally here!

Yes this awaited collaboration is finally here and I have pictures and prices of some of my already favorite picks! Her collection includes Womens (Plus sizes too!), Girls, Toddler, and Baby.

I do not even think I have to explain how Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon in her own right! Many must remember her music career as Spice Girls’ Posh Spice but she has long branched off from that field once she became a fashion designer. She actually started back in 2008 and since 2010 has become a NYFW fixture!

TBH I do not like everything she wears all the time but in general, I do like her style. Only thing I regret are the prices of her clothing line so naturally I was thrilled to hear that she was collaborating with Target! I wrote about it last year in October :) read it here.

But finally the day has come where I can see the prices of her pieces and I want to share it with you:

One of my immediate favorites was the gingham set which I personally loove and have to have :)


The top is $30 and the pant is $30, totaling to just $60! (Plus sizes are also available and at same prices!)


Being a fan of peplum myself I automatically picked out this jacket and for just $35, I liked it even more!

I am a huge fan of black but once the weather gets warmer and we reach Spring and Summer, I wear lighter clothes :) and Victoria’s collection also offers that. This marigold colored top is beautiful and with the $26 tag price, it should make it to my closet soon lol



I also love this orange romper here costing just $35, I see myself wearing this romper this Summer!

This striped poplin dress also looks like a great new classic type of dress, priced at just $35

Here are also adorable pieces for girls and toddlers: (she also has for babies) I absolutely love the gingham suit for little girls! The color is also too cute. (The set totals out to just $20!) The collared dress to the right is also cute, chic, and available in women! (They also have this dress in a beautiful blush pink color, each for $25)


You can see her other pieces here. Unfortunately we just have to wait a little more, until April 9th to make these pieces your own. I am thinking that this collection is going to sell out fast so best of luck shopping!

Happy Shopping