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Too busy, too many bills, not enough money to always stay on top of fashion? Believe me, I feel you! I already advise some of my good friends, if not in person, through text or email, on anything fashion, beauty, etc. So I thought to myself, “Why not also help others?!”

I am a Latina, born and raised in The Bronx, NY, with dreams of making it in Fashion! Who wouldn’t?! But a common misconception I grew up with was, the ones with money were the only ones that can be fashionable! It took me years to realize that even though I may not be rich I can still be quite fashionable!

My wish is to help others, who like me, are not wealthy but would like to dress like if we were!

Please join me in my journey; I will keep you up to date in what is TRENDING in fashion, from APPAREL to SHOES to ACCESSORIES & NAILS! I will also bring to you, BEAUTY and HEALTH tips (for ex. hair and skin) because I believe beauty and health within, go hand and hand! Last but certainly not least, for Exclusive Members, I will provide Exclusive Stylist Services & Consultation via email @ MosqueraStyles@gmail.com, text, Facebook, or directly from this site! This is also a great way to ask me where to find and how much are all the products I wear or post about on site!

Becoming an exclusive member, we can even arrange a shopping date where I will meet with you (or if you’re a busy woman we can also communicate in other ways) and shop for a special event or to even update your wardrobe if you wish!  You name your budget and we can go for a new makeover or I can take your personal style & give it a little umph without changing your own style, you tell me & I will deliver!


Attention my people!I will be expanding my services to a text to text option where you can just text me directly for my great advice and awesome finds!

I’m going to do like Donald Trump and give phone numbers out 😂Just text me to 760.278.3980 📲  anytime & I will get back to you !

Just text me with whatever question about what I have posted or anything dealing with Fashion in general; how to put together an outfit, or get full access to sales and all the scoop of NYC sample sales, or send me a picture of whatever apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty products you may want so I can find at a better price!

Happy blogging & shopping!



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