Cultural Appropriation Culprits: Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian

First off, what is cultural appropriation? Also known as cultural misappropriation, the actual definition is “the adoption or use of one’s culture elements by members of another culture.” This concept in itself is very debatable but one thing is for sure that when put side to side there does look like there is some copying going on…

Kylie Shop has came out with a new line full of camoflauge designs but along with that there is some drama of course. After debuting her camo collection, she was accused of copying their designs by Tizita Balemlay, who is the creative director of PluggedNYC.

Below was the way she reacted on social media:


She is not claiming to have started the camouflage trend but  she is claiming that she has brought them back. It also surely doesn’t help that Kylie herself has purchased from her store, with receipts and   everything! I am still waiting to see how Kylie is going to respond to this!

But it doesn’t stop there, Kylie isn’t the only one doing this dirty work. Khloe was also seen doing the exact same thing with a designer named Destiney Bleu, buying from her store, DBleudazzled and using her idea at her store, Good American.

Destiney Bleu wrote: ‘I was so excited to make a custom Cavs jersey for KK cuz Im from there, I bought crazy inventory because I knew theyd sell when she wore..

‘I was also super excited when her sisters used my pieces in their lookbook, not realizing they were also passing it off as their own.’

These are the bodysuits that Khloe had ordered and then wore and passed as her own for her “Good American” brand:


Shame on the Kardashian/Jenners, for as much influence as they have on others, they should at least stay original.

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