#MM New Velvet Lip Kits

So Kylie Cosmetics is coming up with a new lip kit formula but going by the name, these are a bit different from the previous matte formula. The new Velvet formula is said to be creamier than the Matte formula but like the originals will include the matching lip liner. There also hasn’t been an announcement about the price of these lip kits but I think it may be safe to assume that these Velvet Lip Kits will be priced the same way the original Lip Kits were or maybe even less?

So far, what I know. is that there will be four different colors released at same time: from left to right: “Charm” (dusty pink rose) “Harmony” (warm mid-tone pink) “Rosie” (warm deep rose) and “Dazzle.” (warm terracotta)

UPDATE: These Velvet Lip Kits are actually going to be cheaper than the original Matte Lip Kits! They will each be $27 for both the lip velvet and the lip liner. Also the release date and time will be: March 16 at 6PM EST and 3PM PST.

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