#FF Balenciaga Copying Ruff Ryder Logo?!

Yes you read that correctly. Balenciaga, which is a great brand with great ideas, however is now under fire for straight up copying Ruff Ryder’s logo; and the person who called them out on it?

Fun Fact: Swizz Beatz was actually the producer behind the famous “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.” Also, his uncle is the one who founded the group back in the late-80s.

You can see from the Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 Collection which debuted in Men’s Fashion Week just a couple of days ago in Paris

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that designers have taken from the hip hop culture. Just last month Gucci was accused of designing a jacket that looked too similar to that of Dapper Dan’s. Even though it does get quite tricky with this case because Dapper Dan was copying off of Gucci as well all the way back in 1989! Love to see how designers are ahead of their time!

#MM KKW Beauty

Just last week I had posted the little tease that Kim Kardashian Beauty was launching soon. Now, it has been updated that the very first product of her beauty line will be a Creme Contour & Highlight Kit and it is being released this Wednesday June 21st here at 12PM EST / 9AM PST. As of right now when you go to KKWBEAUTY.com the only thing you can do is sign up with your email but I am assuming once 12PM EST comes along the site will be accessible. I am sure the question you all must be asking is what is going to be included in the Contour Kit?!


In their Contour Kit you will find a versatile dual-ended brush, one side being a kabuki brush and the other end being a blending sponge. It will also include 2 blending sticks (one contour and one highlight) with two colors and two finishes. (matte & shimmer) There will be 4 different shades: “Light” “Medium” “Dark” and “Deep Dark.”


In true Kardashian style, these kits are expected to sell out in minutes so if this is something you are really looking to own I suggest you mark your calendars and alarms to try to snag one ASAP.


Cultural Appropriation Culprits: Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian

First off, what is cultural appropriation? Also known as cultural misappropriation, the actual definition is “the adoption or use of one’s culture elements by members of another culture.” This concept in itself is very debatable but one thing is for sure that when put side to side there does look like there is some copying going on…

Kylie Shop has came out with a new line full of camoflauge designs but along with that there is some drama of course. After debuting her camo collection, she was accused of copying their designs by Tizita Balemlay, who is the creative director of PluggedNYC.

Below was the way she reacted on social media:


She is not claiming to have started the camouflage trend but  she is claiming that she has brought them back. It also surely doesn’t help that Kylie herself has purchased from her store, with receipts and   everything! I am still waiting to see how Kylie is going to respond to this!

But it doesn’t stop there, Kylie isn’t the only one doing this dirty work. Khloe was also seen doing the exact same thing with a designer named Destiney Bleu, buying from her store, DBleudazzled and using her idea at her store, Good American.

Destiney Bleu wrote: ‘I was so excited to make a custom Cavs jersey for KK cuz Im from there, I bought crazy inventory because I knew theyd sell when she wore..

‘I was also super excited when her sisters used my pieces in their lookbook, not realizing they were also passing it off as their own.’

These are the bodysuits that Khloe had ordered and then wore and passed as her own for her “Good American” brand:


Shame on the Kardashian/Jenners, for as much influence as they have on others, they should at least stay original.

Tony Awards 2017

The actual name is the Antoniette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre but more popularly and easier to say, the Tony Award. You may not hear much about the Tony’s because they are awarded for Broadway shows and actors/actresses. However, like I do at every other event, I must peep the red carpet.

Below are  some of my favorites:

I automatically loved Scarlett Johanssen’s white Michael Kors pin-striped and beaded suit


I also liked Thalia’s multicolored Elie Madi gown


I personally love the Naeem Khan designer and this dress is yet another favorite worn by Sara Bareilles


I loved this satin dress on Condola Rashad


I also liked how Alek Wek wore her outfit straight off the Oscar de la Renta FW2017 runway with this beautifully different velvet dress and nicely embellished boots


Fave couple on the red carpet: Chrissy Teigan and John Legend


#MM MAC X Steve J & Yoni P


First off, who is Steve J & Yoni P? They are South Korea’s fashion power couple!

The MAC x Steve J & Yoni P Collection includes:

  1. Lip & Cheek Palette x 6: Yoni Attraction $40
  2. Lipstick shades: “A Killing Smile” (a pinky red matte) “Candy Yum Yum” (MAC’s signature bubblegum pink matte) “Spotlight Me” (light peachy nude) and “Yoni Crush” (anticipated show-stopping red orange) $17 each
  3. DazzleShadow x 2: “Midnight Fever in Let’s Boogie & Sparkling Moment $22
  4. Eye Shadow x 2: “Touch Me Baby” in Soba and “Keep in Twinkling.”
  5. Satin Powder Blush shades “Peony Petal” and “Sugar or Syrup” $23
  6. Studio Eye Gloss in “Pearl Varnish” $22
  7. Zoom Lash in “Zoom Black” $18
  8. Steve J & Yoni P x MAC 159 Duo Fibre Brush $35
  9. Steve J & Yoni P x MAC 217 Blending Brush $25
  10. Limited Edition makeup bag $35

This collection will be available on June 1st until July 13th

Great Highlighters under $8!

Everyone loves a great find and I think these highlighters not only look great but have been getting good reviews and even better are super affordable!

You probably might have seen this one all over social media and them selling like hot cakes on Amazon but it is looking like Maybelline’s Master Chrome in “Molten Gold” is worth it! It is actually infused with reflective pigments that give a bold glow in a soft powder formula. Just look at the swatches for yourself: (check out my fashion IG too please and thank you- 😉 @mosquerastylesyou)


I do not know if you have heard or actually even tried e.l.f. cosmetics but if you have only seen them but not tried them you have to give them a try! I know their price tags for some may make you skeptical but there quality is actually good and some products can even be compared to more expensive brands for just about the same quality. That being said I am not completely surprised but pleasantly impressed to see their new highlighter (yes it has taken awhile since their last highlighter but it looks like its definitely worth the wait): the latest “Baked Highlighter” : “Apricot Glow” This peach color looks gorgeous and at this price of just $4 I just have to try it myself as well!



#FF Big Sample Sale!

This Mode PR sample sale is a must go-to! Definitely felt like I had to share considering all the great designers names that will be included. Below I am including the flyer, if you think you may have time make your way to 547 Broadway! And if not, make the time because at this sample sale you will see:  Baserange, Electric Feathers, Oroboro, Lindsey Thornburg, Priory, Nomia, Samuji, Oak, Veronica Dreyer, Caron Callahan, Gray MattersA Peace TreatyIchi Antiquites and many other vintage items!


#MM You need this Lipstick Vault in your life!

I know that I definitely do! Jeffree Star is making my summer this summer with the release of the Lipstick Vault! This Limited Edition Lipstick Vault will have a total of but not limited to 13 lippies! The collection will also include his famous Skin Frost highlighters! It will be including 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks, which will be 6 Mattes and 2 Metallics! It will also include 5 Lip Ammunition Satin lipsticks. 3 Vegan Lip Scrubs, and 2 new Chrome Skin Frost highlighters! Unfortunately, the shades nor the names have not been released yet  but when I find them out you know I will keep you all updated! What I do know is that it is being released June, mid-June to be more specific. I will let you know of exact date when I find out.

For now hope you enjoy the pics I was able to find, just look at the cute baby pink chrome packaging:


And just look at the vault box! This is definitely a NEED:



What the IKEA?!

You may have noticed all this random IKEA merch all over Instagram and has same reaction as I did, like What the? LOL

Well I just had to do my research and this is what I got: This hype all started when the famous Vetements brand teamed up with Balenciaga, has taken to the all-known blue IKEA Frakta bags and made them into merch! Almost indestructible and waterproof merch! Lol

Balenciaga and Vetements teamed up to make this $2,145 copy of the IKEA bag!

IKEA’s response?


Brilliant and funny response to Balenciaga’s copy of their bag that is only $0.99!

And look at these other great Frakta style merch I found on Instagram, by independent designers too, would ya dare to rock?! ( I would be adding as much as I see so this post will continuously be updated so stay tuned!)

Ikea logo Unisex T-Shirt
$28 from RedBubble


Everything from sneakers to hats to even thongs were made by great designers, can ya appreciate the creativeness!?